Five Essential Ingredients of a Modern Living Room

How to create a cosy home living room

Do you want a cosy living room that oozes style, but still provides a comfortable living space for a family? When it comes to preparing a beautiful living room, numerous components are involved – here are five of the essential ingredients.

Comfortable Furniture

Having an ultra chic home is all very well but living room furniture should always be comfortable. Choose soft furnishings with firm cushions to support the back and luxurious carpets to give a sumptuous feel to the room.

Living Room Storage

An important part of any room; every room should have enough storage to hideaway toys or magazines and allow everything to be easy to find whilst keeping the room neat and tidy. A coffee table with storage is the perfect example of stylish furniture that provides a functional solution and there are many other items of furniture which incorporate storage facilities seamlessly into their design.

Add Character

It is easy to create a sense of style using ideas from various places but the personality of those living in the home should shine through too. Whether this is achieved by a carefully placed vase or photo frame or by the colour scheme, personality should make the room feel homely with a sense of belonging.

Mood Lighting

There are a wide range of lamps, wall and ceiling lights to provide varying levels of mood lighting no matter what the situation and it is always worth looking into all the options you have available. Whether bright lights are needed or soft lighting is preferred, it is important to give your decision careful thought. Remember that natural light is better than artificial so make the most of windows by placing mirrors strategically around the room.


While seemingly dull, this is an important part of modern living rooms. There is little point in having a pure white carpet, light coloured furniture and dazzlingly pale walls in a home where children live as things are bound to be spoiled. Similarly, if a room gets a great deal of sunlight, dark furniture can fade quickly so it is best to think about the practicality of any furnishings or furniture.

With a few simple tips, creating the perfect living room should be enjoyable and sitting back to enjoy the room is the best feeling of all.

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