How to make your small living space into a cosy home

With the cost of renting or buying a home constantly on the rise, many people on a budget must choose a smaller living space when house hunting.

The problem with this is that a smaller living space can cause you to feel cramped or trapped, and if families are using rooms such as lounge together with little room to spread out or enjoy their preferred activities, emotions may run high.

However, a small living space doesn’t necessarily have to cause cramped living. There is the opportunity to make what limited room you have into a cosy haven for you, your family or guests that come to stay.

Maximise comfort

Open plan living room and kitchen with hardwood floor
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Quite often having a small living space can be frustrating place, but by maximising comfort you are increasing the pleasure factor you receive from the room. Implement as many soft furnishings within the room using big pillows, elaborate throws and glorious rugs to maximise comfort and style. Choose compatible or matching colours, themes and patterns for a congruous style that is easy on the eye and relaxing.

Choosing the correct sofa is of paramount importance too. As the centre piece of a living room, the design, colour, comfort and durability all have to be considered. When picking a sofa for a small living room ask yourself how the design, size and shape will fit in. If you’re unsure, then use an online room planning tool to gain a clearer visual idea of the space a sofa will take up in your room.

Multi-functional rooms

If your home has limited rooms then each space has to be used to its full potential. For example, if it’s a one bedroom house or flat then it can become nigh on impossible to have guests over. By choosing a sofa bed for the main sofa in the room then it helps you to make use of impossible, small spaces.

Nabru sell small sofa beds and can tailor make the sofa to your specific needs. The bespoke element to the company provides the perfect resource for anyone wanting to make the most out of their space and by being able to select a design yourself and have it delivered in flat pack style it allows for a fuss-free and simple way to get the best furniture for your small home.

Encourage natural light

A comfy sofa can help make a living room seem more cosy

Embrace the window space and encourage light to shine through. By using light materials for the drapes or curtains it brings a fresh new approach to a room and opens up the space.

Clear out the clutter

Before redecorating your home, be ruthless and clear out as much clutter, unwanted furniture and excess possessions as you can. The more you get rid of, the more space you’ll have and you can even improve your budget by selling these unwanted items for profit.

Introduce nature

While you want to create more room to allow for extra comfort, adding some house plants into your home will bring a cleaner environment and are therefore a worthwhile addition to any room. Choose soft looking plants for a relaxing atmosphere and remember to choose hardy varieties which thrive with minimal care or tending.

***This is a guest post in association with Nabru***

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