4 Great living room looks from modern to traditional

Home to the TV, sofa and comfortable chairs, the living room is usually the place in the home that we spend the most time in, especially after a long, hard day.

In many houses, the living room is also one of the main socialising spaces, hosting family get-togethers, parties and cosy nights in. In terms of utility, it would be great to have a living room that can wear many hats. Many would like their living room to be a place for them to relax, socialise, and even double as a workspace.

Giving your living room the care, attention and love that it deserves is therefore a must, and if your lounge is in need of a little TLC, now’s the perfect time to give it a makeover and transform your interior forever. While it may seem hard to make your living room functional and fashionable, there are creative solutions you can make. For example, you can move your TV and have Sky in different rooms. And whenever you are looking for furniture, you can keep an eye out for pieces that match. Here are a couple of ideas for your living room:

1. Victorian

Living room style ideas

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This classic, elegant style is easy to replicate and rarely goes out of fashion. If you live in a period property, achieving the perfect Victorian look will be even easier; however you can add elements of the style no matter which era your home is from.

Antique standing lamps, fireplaces, paintings and wooden floorboards will all help you to create the classic Victorian look. Rich wall colours like dark greens, reds and blues will also add to the finished result.

2. Boho chic

Boho chic living room style for a cosy home

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If you’ve collected your furnishings and accessories over a few years, creating a boho chic look should be easy.

Simply place your mismatched furniture in the room however you like it and voila. Avoid cluttering the space as this will detract from the boho-style and try to use good quality fabric sofas and chairs to ensure a high end finish.

3. Country cottage

Cosy country cottage living room

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Perfect for cosy homes and bijou properties, the country cottage look is a British classic.

Though less formal than a Victorian style living room, a country cottage lounge should still have a fireplace, or at least a wood burning stove. Use lighter colours on the walls to make the space feel larger during the day and help bounce light around the room.

4. Minimalist

Minmalist living room

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Though probably not the best choice for those having small children, a minimalist look can be very effective in city homes, modern properties and bachelor pads.

To achieve the perfect minimalist look, stick to whites, greys and blacks with just a few splashes of colour in your living room.

Whether you choose to transform your entire home, give your living room a complete makeover or simply take a few design ideas and give your interior a bit of TLC, there are plenty of effective, attractive and stylish ways to create the living room you’ve always wanted.


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