Gifts for the home from Traidcraft

If you’re keen on supporting the fair trade movement, then online shops such as Traidcraft have a great selection of gifts for the home.

Traditional Indian block print designs

Cotton double duvet set

Extra bedding is always useful to have and a gift idea that could help update a room.

I came across this Marguerite duvet cover set earlier in the year, when I was taking part in the Indian room challenge, but it didn’t quite fit the budget or the eventual colour scheme I choose.

The cotton double duvet and matching pillowcases feature a hand block printed floral design in blue and green, with a coordinating pattern border. It’s even more tempting now, as it’s recently been reduced in price. 

Fair trade home gifts from Traidcraft

Home storage baskets

This set of three storage baskets are hand woven in Bangladesh from hogla fibre. When not in use, the baskets stack inside each other, but we’re sure any recipient of these will find plenty of ways to use them.

The hogla storage basket set costs £25.

Fair trade gift ideas for home lovers

Curved tumbler glasses

For an unusual glass design, why not gift these rocking recycled tumbler glasses. Rather than having a flat base like most tumblers, these are designed to be curved, so they gently tilt to one side when they’re filled with drinks.

The glasses are hand blown in Swaziland and made from recycled glass bottles.

A pair of rocking recycled tumbers costs £18.

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