Things To Do In The Garden in July

July must be one of our favourite months to be outside and there are plenty of things to do in the garden this month. The weather is generally kind, and a lot of the more frenzied spring growing is slowing down so we don’t have to work quite so hard! We’re also starting to see the results of all that hard work earlier in the year. There are still a good few jobs to keep on top of, they just don’t seem like quite such hard work as they do in the winter! Here are some of ideas of things to do in the garden in July.

This willowherb may be pretty but it’s also prolific! Keep on top of weeds to prevent them gaining too much of a foothold.


Sorry, we know you’re sick and tired of us putting ‘weeding’ on the list of things to do in the garden every month since early spring, but it’s one of those things that really needs keeping on top of. Turn your back for a moment, and your immaculate beds will have popped out into a forest of dandelions and docks before you can say ‘trowel’. An hour or so a week should be enough to keep it all under control, and it’s better than doing a big blitz less regularly as weeds won’t have time to flower and spread.

Things to do in the garden in July: Watering

Although it seems unbelievable, sometimes the British summer is sufficiently dry that we have to water gardens! If you haven’t already done so, think about installing a rain water butt to reduce water usage. You can also save used water from washing up for the plants. Put buckets under hanging baskets when watering them, and save the run off water for other plants.

Deadheading roses and other flowering plants will help prolong the flowering season.

Deadhead flowering plants

Although it’s traditionally associated with roses, lots of flowering plants will benefit from deadheading (although there are some exceptions to this, including begonias and busy lizzies. Perennials such as foxgloves and cosmos also shouldn’t be deadheaded, as they need to reseed in order to grow the following year). Leave a small pair of secateurs on the window ledge by the back door, and take them with you every time you go outside. Deadheading encourages new growth and can prolong the flowering season.

One of the useful things to do in the garden in July is to deadhead flowering plants
Decide if you’d like to collect seeds to sow or swap, once plants have finished flowering.

Collect and store seeds

While you’re out there deadheading, think about whether you’d like to store any seeds ready for next year. This needs to be done when the flower heads are dry. Pick them, and shake the seeds out onto waxed paper. Leave for a week or so to dry, then store them in a fold of paper or envelope with the name of the plant written on. Seed envelopes should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place and should last for many years if you don’t want to plant them immediately.

Things to do in the garden in July include collecting and storing seeds
Harvest summer vegetables such as courgettes.

Things to do in the garden in July: Harvest fruit and veg

Now’s the time to literally reap the harvest of your fruit and vegetable garden. July is the month for strawberries, runner beans, salad leaves, shallots and courgettes – it’s particularly important to harvest the latter regularly, as if you turn your back for a moment they’ll turn into marrows! If you have fruit trees, then apricots, peaches and nectarines should also be ready for picking.

Look after ponds

If you have a garden pond, hot weather can cause a build up of algae which can be tricky to get rid of. Local wildlife could well be using your pond as a local watering hole, and will appreciate it if you keep it clean!

Now, the only other thing on the list is pulling up a garden chair and putting a few ice cubes in a glass of something or other – gardeners do have to have a little time off!

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