Practical Ideas For Creating Kitchens With Copper Accents

Copper is enjoying something of a renaissance right now and we couldn’t be happier. It’s much more engaging than stainless steel and more flexible than black or tungsten. Copper is warm, welcoming and timeless. Three qualities we like in any interior design!

Copper also has practical qualities. It’s easy to care for and to install. It can also be moisture resistant, or can adapt to moisture by turning that lovely green colour.

You can use lacquered copper to keep the exact look and feel or leave the copper uncovered to allow it to age naturally.

Now, let’s get to those ideas for creating kitchens with copper accents!

Copper worktops

Copper worktops are becoming incredibly popular, both in the home and in commercial premises. You’ll often see them in bistros, salons and other places where design is a key characteristic.

Copper worktops are also increasingly popular in the home. They are very easy to install and stain resistant and can be kept clean with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth.

Natural copper worktops add warmth while aged copper worktops bring a completely different feel. All while delivering the qualities we want from the metal.

Copper taps

Stylish copper kitchen taps

Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Copper taps fit into a multitude of design schemes which is one reason why they are so popular. They also look good and are comfortable to operate, which is an added benefit.

Copper taps work particularly well with a white Belfast sink but can also look good with standard white sinks or coloured resin sinks and drainers.

We would suggest avoiding stainless steel sinks, as the two metals clash. One is clean and crisp while the other is more rustic. It’s rare these two types will mix well!

Copper sink

Talking of sinks, have you ever seen a copper sink? We have and we loved how they looked. They can be incredibly subtle, embedded within a worktop so they only reveal themselves when you get close.

As copper is inherently hygienic, they make an excellent material for what is a high use area of most kitchens.

Combine a copper sink with a dark or light worktop and copper or dark taps and you can make an instant impression using something that’s a genuine pleasure to use.

White tiles

Copper accents work well alongside crisp white tiles

Photo by Nico on Unsplash

Copper on its own is an amazing material but when it plays off something like white tiles, it becomes even more effective.

White tiles work so well in kitchens and bathrooms, providing that feeling of cleanliness we look for while giving your signature pieces something to bounce off.

There’s nothing quite like crisp white tiles when set against copper taps, a copper splashback or copper pans. It’s almost magical!

Dark kitchen cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets work equally well for setting off copper accents. They are also very much en vogue right now so there’s plenty of choice.

Using light tiles, dark blue or green kitchen cabinets and a copper worktop or splashback can create an amazing look.

You could then accessorise using copper pots and pans, copper stools or something else entirely.

Copper splashback

As we have mentioned the copper splashback a couple of times now, let’s bring it to the fore.

A copper splashback makes much more of a statement while providing practical protection for your wall. Copper is naturally stain resistant, so is doubly useful.

A copper splashback is easy to fit and can act as a statement piece as well as a signature aspect of your kitchen. Natural copper adds warmth while aged copper adds character.

Copper pots and pans

Copper pans hanging on a kitchen wall look timeless

Photo by Cat Preston on Unsplash

There’s something very homely about walking into a kitchen with obviously used copper pots and pans hanging up. It’s one of those things we expect to see and are still delighted when we do see them.

Hang them from the ceiling or from the wall, both work well. The key is to not use brand new ones, but reclaimed or new but used. It adds to the rustic charm of the metal.

Copper utensils or storage

Simply adding some copper utensils or tins can be enough to transform a kitchen. You definitely don’t have to go big or go bold here and these copper accents can work well.

They are also relatively inexpensive and easily accessible. Copper also has practical qualities like being hygienic and easy to clean. All while providing depth to your kitchen design.

Copper lighting

Copper pendant light in a kitchen diner

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

There are all kinds of copper lighting around right now. Pendant lights, wall lights, copper task lighting, the choice is huge.

Some will be all copper, while others will have copper accents. If you’re using copper elsewhere in your kitchen, less can often be more and set your overall scheme off perfectly.

Balance the quality of light provided with the aesthetic value of the light. It’s one of those areas of a kitchen that can make a huge difference, so make sure they provide enough light!

Copper drawer handles

Our final copper accent for a kitchen is small but very effective. Copper drawer handles work well against white doors but look even better against dark cupboard doors.

They can work on their own as your sole copper accent and deliver quite the decorative impact. They can also work within an overall scheme depending on your design.

Copper drawer handles come in a wide variety of designs and are readily available too!

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