Make a Style Statement with Bosch

Washing machines, fridges and dishwashers: for most people, they’re practical items that make day-to-day living possible. But for Bosch, they’re so much more!

Check out their stylishly understated designs at Argos and you’ll see why they’re one of the most trusted brands for large kitchen and garden appliances. From fridge freezers to chainsaws, each of their products has had thought dedicated to making it look great as it gets the job done.

In the kitchen

There’s no need to sacrifice your colour scheme for an appliance. Fresh white is a traditional choice for freezers and fridges, and will give a clean pop of brightness to modern kitchens and shabby chic styled rooms – but that’s not the only colour available at Argos.

Bosch kitchen appliances

Why not compliment a 1920’s black and brass kitchen with a sleek black box freezer or fridge freezer? Crisp black will contrast nicely with trendy tones like turquoise and red, but is timeless enough to go with any future colour you choose to mix up your space. Of course, silver looks stunning against darker colours too; you could always tuck away a glossy, silver icebox in between some dark wood cabinets?

When you’ve made your choice, you can pick up a kettle and coffee maker to match and really unify your space. There’s also the beautifully streamlined Bosch Filtrino, which will fit effortlessly into your kitchen’s décor and help you save energy by dispensing hot and ambient filtered waters at the touch of a button.

In the laundry room

The laundry room is often neglected as a place solely for utilities, but if you’re spending time there to handle your washing or for storage, why not make it an attractive as well as an efficient space?

If your space is dingy and dark, a dab of strategic bright paint will make it seem lighter and airier: bright oranges, mint greens and pale blues are all on trend. Mixing in a silver washing machine’s reflective surface will add to the illusion of space, while a clean, white dryer will bring homely warmth to the room without sucking it of its brightness. You could add a cheerful touch of colour with one of Bosch’s quirky steam irons, too.

Bosch white goods and kitchen appliances

Bosch Washing Machines available at Argos

If you fancy a contrast, black washing machines will add a stylish edge to white or minimalist laundry rooms. Hiding clutter is easy if you’ve got built-in storage or shelving, but if you don’t, why not look into making curtains from your favourite monochrome fabric to compliment the strikingly dark appliances?

Making it happen

Of course if you’re looking to do at least some of your renovation by yourself, you’ll need the best tools out there. Bosch don’t just make prime appliances to be used when the room is done, they make all the tools you’ll need to take your dream design from fantasy to reality.

As well as drills with a huge range of bits, handheld and bench sanders, Bosch produce specialist tools like hammer drills and heat guns to help you get the job sorted to the highest possible standard. AtArgos, we’ve also got Bosch laser guiding products so you’ll be able to make sure that everything is even easily, quickly and without making marks.

So what are you waiting for?

Take a look at what’s available in Argos’s full range of Bosch appliances, and get planning: it’s doesn’t take much to make a house a home when you’ve got great tools to hand and some classic utilities to add into the mix.

***An advertorial feature in association with Argos***

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