Things to do in the garden in April

If you’re thinking about things to do in the garden in April, then Cosy Home Blog is here to help. T.S. Elliot may have been of the opinion that April is the cruellest month, but we’re a bit more excited than he was!

April is the month that you can really start to see the results of your hard work over the last few weeks. Frosts are mostly over and you can get started in earnest with sowing and planting. The cherry blossom is out, the birds are singing and there may even be a bit of sunshine! Here are some ideas of things to do in the garden in April.

Things to do in the garden in April

Cherry blossom

Things to do in the garden in April: Sow and plant

At this time of year you can practically hear things growing, so now’s the time to get the tougher plants and seeds in the ground. Sow wildflower and vegetable seeds straight into the ground with some compost. Plant out hardy plants and sweet peas, ready for a display of colour later in the year.

Tidy up your garden 

If you haven’t already done it, seize your wheelbarrow, gloves and secateurs and get out there! There are plenty of things to do in the garden in April, including having a good tidy up. A lot of trees and shrubs will have suffered broken branches from winter storms, so remove any limbs that are hanging off. Clear up fallen twigs and smaller branches, and prune off any dead wood. If you haven’t already dead headed hydrangeas, you’ve just got time – don’t leave it any later than the beginning of April or you may interfere with spring growth. Deadhead daffodils as soon as they have finished flowering, but leave the leaves to die back naturally on their own.


Everything is madly growing now and will appreciate some nutrients. Dig compost into the roots around established shrubs and use a liquid fertiliser on newly-planted greenery. You can feed houseplants, too, as well as increasing the amount of water you give them.

Control weeds

As everything in the garden is blooming, so are the weeds! They’re easiest to remove before they really get going, so it’s well worth spending a couple of hours each weekend blitzing the beds. If you have beds that are more weed than bed, then you could try putting down a barrier layer. This could be either a thick layer of mulch which will starve weeds of oxygen, or one of the many options available on the market such as plastic or woven fabric. You could also DIY with a thick layer of cardboard.

Things to do in the garden in April: Renovate your lawn

Looking after your lawn is a good example of things to do in the garden in April

If your lawn is looking a bit worse for wear, then show it some love. Re-cutting edges, giving it all a good mow and raking and seeding any bare patches will work wonders. Any very wet areas will need to dry out though before you can reseed them, or seed will rot before it can germinate.

Spice up your compost

Take a look at your compost bin to find out how its survived the winter, as you’ll need to be using it soon! When it’s ready to use, compost should be dry and crumbly with an even texture. If your heap isn’t the right consistency, it won’t rot evenly. Too-dry heaps should be watered, and too-wet heaps should be treated to a layer of dry material such as shredded cardboard. Aerate the heap by turning it over with a garden fork.

Things to do in the garden in April: Watch out for wildlife

If you’re an early rider, you’ve probably already noticed that mornings just got very noisy! Birds are starting to nest and will be looking out for extra food. Clean and position bird boxes and feeders and top seed up on a regular basis. If the weather is dry, birds will also appreciate a clean water source.

With a little care and attention, your garden will start blooming in April – and stay that way throughout the summer.

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