5 Ways To Update Your Garden For Spring

As we move through the end of winter and spring is on the horizon, most people are starting to look at how they can improve their homes and gardens. Being able to get out into your garden and enjoy your space once the warmer days roll around can really impact your quality of life.

The small changes can make all the difference to your garden. Starting to put plans in place now and rounding up your new decor and furniture can help you set up your garden for use once spring arrives.

If your outdoor space needs some TLC this year, these changes and updates make a big difference.

A New Fence

Small well designed garden with wooden fences
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New fencing can not only improve aesthetics but it can define security in your garden, too. This is especially important if your fence has sustained any damage from high winds over the past months. You can replace some or all of the fence and choose from various materials, including wood fencing, metal fences, or even composite fence panels, which is entirely up to you.

Once your new fence is installed, you can choose to varnish or paint it in a colour that completes the theme of your garden and add your own garden decor to it.

Create Boundaries

If you’re lucky enough to have a good-sized garden, why not look at creating boundaries? Again, you can use fences to help you do this, either short fencing or full-height fence panels. Or you can use different paving styles and textures to help you create distinct spaces, e.g., paving stones and grassed areas or spaces with wood chipping for decorative purposes. It’s entirely up to you, but using boundaries can help you define more open spaces and create dedicated areas and focal points within the garden.

Add Lights

There’s nothing like sitting out in your garden as the sun sets, basking in a cool breeze as your outdoor lighting kicks in. Whether you add decorative fairy lights on fences, you add lights to paving or borders, or you use decorative ornaments with lighting, you just need to incorporate lighting to help you create a cosy vibe after dark and bring your space to life.

Add Colour

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Colour can really change up your garden and give it an extra something. You can add colour in so many ways.

  • Paint fences or walls
  • Add colourful flowers
  • Use ornaments or plant pots to add colour
  • Add in colourful furniture or outdoor furnishings
  • Colourful lighting

Whether you choose random colours that make you happy or have a colour theme, now is the perfect time to look at all the ways to add colour to your garden to help create the perfect garden ready to use.

Give It A Good Clean

Much like you will clean the inside of your house, you should clean the outside, too. Your patio could have developed a lovely layer of dirt, moss or algae over the winter thanks to the rain, or your fence panels might be fading from the sunlight or an accumulation of dirt. Whatever it is, get outside, give it a good scrub and see the difference it can make. You can make your own household cleaners using dish soap, white vinegar and baking soda, or you can buy patio cleaners. Don’t forget to give any artificial grass a good clean, too, to remove any odours.

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