How To Choose The Right Mattress

The right mattress is really about the quality of life because a bad one sure makes its mark known on you! You’re likely to have a sore back and some aches and pains in other joints – because a bad or old mattress doesn’t support you in the ways that you need it to. 

But getting the right mattress can be tricky. It’s always a good idea to work out what you really need and why long before you make the most of mattress sales or any special deals. 

So, how do you choose a good mattress? 

Do you need one?

A mattress needs changing approx every 10 years
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How old is the mattress you are sleeping on? For most people, they use a mattress until the springs start to poke them in unpleasant places. Or it is simply older than they can remember. However, most mattresses aren’t designed to last more than 10 years, so it’s a good idea to update your mattress when you can.

If there are any sagging, misshapen areas or deep indentations – this doesn’t just look bad; it means there is little to no support in that area.  

And the biggest tell of all that you need a new mattress is when you wake up; you don’t feel like you could walk 500 miles; you feel like you’ve slept like a piece of origami. 


Each layer in a mattress will add some extra comfort. They alleviate the pressure on your body and effectively ‘cradle’ it as you sleep. The layers on top of the springs can vary in thickness and material, but generally speaking, a few layers are a good idea. Memory foam is always a good layer to look for. 


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The temperature of your room matters a lot when it comes to sleeping, but your mattress has a big impact on how warm you’re going to feel during the night. When you are looking at a mattress, look for details about any cooling effect the mattress might have. As an example, memory foam tends to run warm and soak up body heat, but air pockets and different foams can be more breathable and better for those who prefer to stay cool through the night. 

Weight distribution 

Our body shape and proportions can impact the best type of mattress for us – because as we sleep, that weight needs to be supported. For those who are heavier than ‘average,’ it is a good idea to look for a mattress that has a thicker comfort layer – because this will prevent you from sinking. 

These firmer layers are great for people who need the extra support, and they will make sure that there is little to no pressure on your body – and you can truly relax into the mattress – knowing that it supports you in all of the right ways. 

A good mattress is just one part of the good night’s sleep recipe; the rest of the decor can have a huge impact; here is what you need to know about that: Dreamy Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Better Night’s Sleep

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