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Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattress

We’ve all heard about memory foam mattresses, everyone raves about them whether they are raving positively or negatively. But do we know how they actually work? Yes they are comfy, help relax us after a hard day and help ease our aching joints and muscles, but do you actually know what’s inside and how they can do what they do?

Before you can begin to understand what memory foam mattresses actually are it’s important to know where they came from. The first form of memory foam mattresses came from NASA, this was then picked up by the medical community who saw the potential in it to help patients with such things as bed sores.

The first memory foam wasn’t very durable and could easily crack or compress but this was then developed by a number of companies in to the memory foam mattresses we know and love today.

One of the main reasons memory foam mattresses are as comfy as they is the fact that their cells expand when any weight is applied to them. Normal cells compress under weight then spring back to their original form but memory foam cells behave slightly differently, they compress fully and spread any air pressure in them to their surrounding cells.

This helps spread the pressure of the weight across memory foam mattresses which in turn allows it to conform to your body’s shape and relieving pressure points. This works especially well with the king size memory foam mattress, though it can still be effective with a single.

Memory foam mattresses are also temperature sensitive – not only does this help you maintain a constant temperature allowing for a great night’s sleep but it also means at low temperatures it is firmer and at high temperatures it is softer and more comfortable. This is what causes that ‘melting’ feeling you get when you sink in to memory foam mattresses.

So now you know the basics behind memory foam mattresses you can try them out for yourself and know exactly how clever the technology behind them is, making for an even more comfortable night’s sleep.

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