Little Changes That’ll Make Your Living Space Greener

Sustainability shouldn’t be difficult. It should be something we can all embrace within our living spaces; being green doesn’t mean moving into an eco-shelter and living off the land! It’s about certain design choices, understanding where your decor materials come from, and doing a bit here and there to protect the environment. With that in mind, here are some little changes you can make quite easily to turn your living space a tinge greener. 

Use Water Based Paint

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Water based paint is much better for both human use and the environment at large. If a paint uses water, it tends to be low VOC – meaning there’s a distinct lack of volatile compounds within the paint mix. This means less fumes, less chance of harmful runoff, and a much better chance of getting it off clothing if you accidentally rub against a wet wall. Water based paint tends to retain its colour a bit longer as well.

Replace Your Toilet Paper

The toilet paper you’re using now is probably the standard kind, maybe with a bit of aloe vera between the layers. And while that’s fine, as it’s all biodegradable and will wash away, you may want to consider using bamboo toilet paper instead. 

The use of bamboo instead of traditional tree bark in the construction of the paper means the manufacturing process is more sustainable. Not only that, but bamboo tends to make toilet paper a lot safer, meaning it’s a great choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Become a Plant Parent

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FIlling your home with plants is a great way to bring the greenery of nature inside. And the more plants in your home, the more eco friendly it’s going to be! You’ll attract a few more bugs, but the total carbon emissions can be slowly brought down over the years. 

You’ve got green superstars right there to absorb it up and push some more oxygen into the air. Just be careful your plants don’t outgrow the rooms you’ve put them in – some can get pretty tall and unruly if left unchecked! 

Shop Second Hand

When you shop second hand, you do everyone a favour! You get to save money, pick up some beautiful, pre-loved, and vintage items, and less materials are consumed worldwide to pack out a store’s contents. 

The less demand there is in a ‘fast’ sector, the slower the items get pumped out. By buying second hand, you help to reduce the amount of global furniture and decor waste – around 20 million tons of this gets thrown away each year in the UK. 

If you want to live in a greener space, little changes go a very long way. And the more little changes you make, the bigger the overall impact. It’s just a lot more manageable to change small things one at a time and build up over time. This way you won’t get stressed out about reducing your carbon footprint through interior decor and some of your own living habits.

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