Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

Double glazing for your cosy home

Reduce heat loss with double glazing

Has your environmental conscience increased over the past few years or do you find it hard to part ideas into action?

We’re all guilty of not doing quite as much as we could to reduce our waste and in turn our carbon footprint, but like everything else it’s easier said than done when fitting it around a busy lifestyle.

Here are a few pointers to set you off in the right direction and remember keep it simple – ‘going green’ doesn’t have to mean making major changes.

At home

The benefits of thinking about your carbon footprint at home go far beyond reducing your impact on the environment – it keeps the bank balance looking healthier too!

Double glazed UPVC windows from Zenith trap the heat in your home, meaning less heating and ultimately a reduction in your daily carbon emissions and energy bills.

Try replacing your regular light bulbs with their low energy equivalents and make a sustained effort to turn off appliances and lights in unused rooms.  Another consideration for reducing your carbon footprint is to use a company like All Seasons Energy and have some solar panels installed. Solar panels will help save you money on your energy bills – at the rate, they are increasing at the moment will help hugely – and when you don’t use all the energy from them, you can sell it back to the grid to make some extra money. All the savings can go towards buying cozy items for your home.

If like the rest of us you’re sick of all that junk mail you can contact the pesky companies who send it and be removed from their mailing lists. You can feel better about saving a few trees worth of useless mail and if you really want to stay in touch with the company request to be contacted via email instead.

In your garden

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint outside in your garden.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables helps cut down food miles and food waste.

Composters are widely available and a good way of using fruit and vegetable peelings to create your own compost for the garden. Green garden waste can be added to this too and the eventual product put back to good use in your garden, saving you a trip to the garden centre to buy more compost.

When it comes to what to plant in your garden, the best thing for reducing your carbon footprint is to plant trees. Trees absorb CO2, plus they provide a vital home for wildlife.

When you go shopping

Transportation is one of the easiest and most significant areas to cut down on your carbon footprint – why not ask friends to car share for your weekly shop at the supermarket?

Remember to take your reusable shopping bag to help reduce plastic waste and for those occasional, or for many of us, regular shopping trips, try jumping on a bus into the town centre instead of driving. Not only does this reduce your carbon emissions, you also save money on the car park fee!

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