How To Prepare Your House For A Cosy Autumn & Winter

Autumn is nearly here which means crisp cool air, pumpkin-spiced lattes, leaves crunching under your feet and wearing the biggest scarf you can find. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get your home prepped so it’s warm and cosy inside – no matter the weather out there. 

Keep reading as we’ll show you how to get the most out of your home as the nights draw in and the temperature drops… 

Gorgeous image of trees laden with golden autumn leaves

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In 2022, autumn, or the fall season, begins on the 23rd of September and ends on the 21st of December. Depending on where you live, you might start to notice a slight chill in the air and crisp, golden leaves beginning to fall to the ground. 

Autumn is a transitional month for most of us, as we prepare to hunker down for the cooler seasons and turn our homes into warm and cosy safe havens. From giving the house a thorough deep clean after the fun of summer to introducing some autumnal decorations, there are plenty of things to do to help prepare your home. 

Prepare the fireplace

What’s better than snuggling up on the sofa accompanied by the soft glow and soothing crackling sounds of a roaring fire? Now is the perfect time to get your fireplace ready for autumn – and if you need a chimney sweep, book early before they get swamped with jobs in the winter season. 

Logs burning on an open fire

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To prepare and clean out your fireplace, lay some old newspaper on the floor and remove decorations from the mantle. Sweep out under the fire with a soft brush to remove any dirt, debris or bugs that may have accumulated over the year, and use warm soapy water to clean off any remaining soot. 

Insulate & banish draughts 

Preventing your home from leaking heat through cracks or cold air coming in through draughts not only helps to you stay warm and cosy, but it can help save money on your energy bills, too. What’s even better is that you don’t need a professional to come to work on your home, as effective draught-proofing solutions can be found in your local hardware store. 

Most homes tend to lose heat via cracks in the floorboards, small gaps around windows and doors, through keyholes or out of fireplaces. Head to a local hardware store to stock up on draught excluders, letterbox brushes, keyhole covers and strips to tackle smaller gaps. 

Declutter and deep clean the house

There are so many benefits to having a deep clean and declutter ready for fall. A decluttered room not only brings about a sense of calm but also helps to reset the mood, makes it appear more spacious and gives you a blank canvas to add seasonal decor.

Start with high-traffic or family rooms first, such as the kitchen or living room, and divide objects into piles such as keep, sell, donate or relocate. Once you’ve finished organising and dividing, pack up and label the remaining items for storage over the winter.

When it comes to deep cleaning, it’s all about focusing on areas that may get neglected during the summer, or that aren’t part of your regular schedule, such as:

  • Behind the sofa, armchairs and other large furniture items
  • Underneath rugs and carpets 
  • Around curtain poles and window frames
  • Light switches and plug sockets
  • Skirting boards and panelling 
  • Appliances such as the fridge or stove
  • Inside of the kitchen bin

Once you’ve finished cleaning inside appliances and behind furniture, continue with your normal cleaning routine but pay special attention to places that could harbour bacteria or mould. Use a good bathroom cleaner to disinfect crevices and plugholes to help prevent them from getting smelly over winter. 

Bring on the blankets

A great way to inject immediate cosy vibes into your home is by adding extra soft furnishings like blankets, throws and cushions. If you’ve had blankets in storage over summer, now is the time to get them in the laundry ready for autumn. 

Cosy blankets provide extra warmth in autumn weather

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

Experiment with different colours and textiles to see what compliments your home best. Whilst wool blankets are a little bit more expensive, they tend to last for years and are super practical if you’re looking to lower your winter energy bills. 

Furry and fluffy textures are super inviting and just make you want to snuggle, whereas silks and satin can add a sense of luxury whilst making a serious style statement. You could also experiment with rugs, mats, carpets, lampshades – or any other furnishings that take your fancy – they all help add to the comfortcore style of your home. 

Add autumnal colours 

A great way to give a nod to the season and aid the transition out of summer is to add some autumnal colours to your home. Go for a warm palette and try deep bold reds, dark forest greens, hazy oranges and earthy browns. 

Warm colours really help to make your house feel a little more homely and lend themselves toward additional autumn decor, such as pumpkins and wreaths. If you’re one of many who are now working from home, don’t forget the home office – extend the cosy and comforting effect of fall throughout the house. 

Experiment with scents

The autumn season is all about scents – the smell of fresh rain, the sweet scent of pumpkins and the earthy aroma of fallen leaves. Bring the outside in by adding seasonal candles, diffusers and air fresheners to your home. 

Fill your home with seasonal autumnal scents

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

For the perfect autumn vibe, go for cinnamon, apple, cedarwood, pumpkin, ginger, sandalwood and amber. Aside from adding artificial scents, shop for seasonal fruit to display on the counter or bake something seasonal such as pumpkin pie or our delicious coffee chocolate fudge bites – tasty! 

Now you know how to get your home ready for autumn by bringing the outside in, having a deep clean and refreshing your decor. What will you try first? 

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