Cosy decorating ideas to keep you warm this winter

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to inject a little warmth into your home. Cosy comes in many different styles, including romantic, rustic and cheery – so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect décor for you.

A winter mural

Log panel wall mural

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Dressing a drab wall with a winter mural is a great way to introduce a little festivity into the home. From reindeers and polar bears to stars and Christmas trees, there are a number of ideas to choose from. Or opt for something a bit more wintery and warming, like a stacked pile of logs, which you won’t get fed up of come the spring.

This is a great project to involve friends and family in, especially if you paint the wall in blackboard paint. This way, you can change the scenery as and when you please.

Soft furnishings

Create a cosy living room

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Colourful throws and oversized cushions in rich hues are guaranteed to cosy up any room in the household. Opt for playful patterns and red shades for a quick winter update. If the majority of your furnishings are cream and white, these colours will pop against their neutral backdrop.

Comfortable accents

Warm up wooden floors with a cozy rug

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Although wooden floors are all the rage these days, come wintertime they can be a little cold. A fluffy, faux fur rug will add warmth and texture underfoot. For a unique style statement, layer one rug on top of the other.

Focus on the hearth

How to create a cosy home

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As temperatures begin to fall, it’s a good idea to bring your focus towards the hearth. Create a cosy gathering spot by rearranging furniture for winter entertaining. Placing a large mirror and fairy lights above the mantel will instantly lift the fireplace to a focal point status.

Buy a statement piece of artwork

Art by Judith Bridgland

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If your home is lacking both colour and warmth, investing in a statement piece of artwork is a great idea. Opt for a sizable canvas for maximum effect and hang it somewhere you wish to draw attention too.

When investing in a valuable piece of artwork, it’s always wise to buy home insurance. There are a number of policies to choose from including those available at More Than home insurance.

Regardless of whether you brighten up your home with an abundance of wrapped presents or expensive decorations, the festive season is a good time to make sure your home insurance is up-to-date.

Add a wintery scent to the home

Warming orange and cinnamon stoneglow candle for a cosy home

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Just as accessories and décor create a wintery wonderland in the home, so do the smells of the season! A sweet-scented bowl of potpourri goes along way towards adding warmth to the home. Opt for pine needles, cinnamon and evergreen aromas for best results.

If you’re feeling creative, make you own deliciously scented Christmas decorations using an abundance of fruity aromas. Colourful, sweet smelling wreaths can be made using bay leaves, dried orange slices, red chillies, cloves and cranberries.

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