Create A Christmassy Feel On A Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to start getting those holiday decorations out. After a tough year, it’s nice to think about getting the house ready to make all those fantastic memories. 

But money is tighter than ever this year and Christmas decorations can be expensive. So how can you make your home feel Christmassy without spending a fortune? 

Get That Christmassy Smell

Did you know that of all the senses,  smell is the most powerful at evoking a memory? That’s why sometimes when you smell a certain food, you’re transported back to your childhood. 

Use this as a way to recreate your memories of Christmas. Fill the house with the scent of a Christmas coffee blend or buy a few Christmas-scented candles. You could even make some slow cooker mulled wine, which will fill the house with the ultimate Christmas scents. 

Get Crafty With The Kids

Having young kids is the perfect opportunity to fill your home with homemade Christmas decorations. Get some craft materials together and get creative together. If you’re not a particularly crafty person, there are lots of great YouTube channels to take inspiration from. 

It also has the added benefit of keeping your kids amused and they’ll be so happy to be involved and so proud when they see their decorations around the house. 

Use Nature

A quick look in the garden or a trip to a local wood will unearth a treasure trove of pieces to decorate your home. Dried flowers, leave and branches can be used to create Christmas wreaths and centrepieces that are unique even better, free. 

Buy Pre-Loved Items

If you’re in need of some new pieces of decoration for your home, then don’t just head to the store or online shop. Have a look around for people selling their decorations.  Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by stopping excess items from ending up in a landfill. 

Check local Facebook groups, charity shops, apps such as Vinted and online auction sites for the best chance of finding a Christmas gem. 

Use Christmas Cards As Decorations

Every year you receive many beautiful Christmas cards, that stand on a mantle or a side table until they’re thrown away. Get a little more creative this year and display them. You could create garlands with string or arrange them into the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall. 

Respray Your Christmas Tree Baubles

You want to change the colour scheme of your decorations but have boxes full of Christmas tree baubles in the old colours. Rather than buy new ones, get a few cans of spray paint in the new colours and transform them yourself. You’ll get a new look for a fraction of the price. Just make sure the paint is suitable for the job.  

Final thoughts 

Create a beautiful Christmas theme, no matter what your budget is. You’ll soon find that you don’t have to spend a lot to make changes this holiday season. 

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