Christmas decoration storage solutions

How do you store your Christmas decorations?

All my nice and special Christmas tree decorations are meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper and stored in a hat box, but the other bits and pieces that won’t fit in are simply stored in carrier bags.

It’s not the best idea and every year I think about whether I should get something a bit more substantial to store them all in properly. So I’ve been on the lookout for proper storage options and have found these ideas.

Large Christmas decorations storage box

Multi compartment storage box

This looks like a super, sturdy box and I love the idea that it has all sorts of different layers and compartments available. The cardboard insert trays have room for 48 baubles to be laid out individually, which will help prevent them getting knocked or bashed, and there are two useful compartments in the lid for extra bits and pieces.

Of course, you don’t need to use the trays for baubles – any of your christmas decorations could be stored here.

The Christmas decorations storage box is £23 from Amazon.

Ktwo Christmas decorations bag

Get 50% off a Christmas decorations storage bag

Storage bag

I also like the idea of this Christmas decorations storage bag. It looks like it’s got a good amount of space inside and it opens up to reveal several compartments. As well as decorations such as baubles, it would be ideal for storing reusable Christmas wreaths and help prevent seasonal decorations from getting squashed or dusty.

The Ktwo Christmas decorations bag has 50% off at the moment from Gifts From Handpicked, making it a bit of a bargain at only £9.95.

* If you’re looking to invest in some new Christmas decorations this year, or simply want to have a nose at what’s available, then check out this post on Fresh Design Blog.

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