Things to do at home this January 2021

So far, it’s been one of the oddest times that most of us can remember. Many of us have found ourselves spending more time at home and reconnecting with a slower pace of life. With no immediate changes on the horizon, we’ve put together a list of suggestions making the most of spending January at home.

Join a book subscription club

Discover new authors and genres by joining a subscription book club. You can narrow down your choices to some extent, but what you actually receive each month is normally a surprise – it’s a great way to discover new favourite authors or try something new. Image credit: Pixabay

There are lots of companies now offering a subscription box of books every month. Some are trying to save books from going to landfill, and most allow you to choose which genre you prefer. Some also offer little extras such as tea, biscuits or even wine! Although you may end up with books that aren’t your sort of thing, there is also a very good chance you’ll come across books you wouldn’t have considered reading but that you really enjoy. If you team up with a few friends, you can always get a couple of subscriptions between you and swap the books around. Take a look at Tea Time Book Shop, A Box of Stories or The Hand Me Down Book Club (this last one rehomes pre-loved books to save on paper).

On the same lines, retail portal The Indytute rounds up independent suppliers to offer a wide range of craft and food experience gift boxes. you can learn how to make wire sculptures, sourdough bread, vegetarian curries and even baby shoes with the help of kits and online videos.

Acquire a new skill or dust off an old one

Did you used to have a passion for painting, or a love of lacemaking? These days, it couldn’t be easier to brush up on skills or even learn new ones from scratch – there’s an online course for everything from canine psychology to bread making. Browse Youtube for fantastic, detailed craft videos, or take a proper qualification from a college.

Carry on exercising!

If the weather outside is frightful, then do some online exercises classes. Yoga and Pilates generally require little equipment or space, and you can find beginners’ classes online. Image credit: Pixabay

Most of us are guilty of taking a lot less exercise in the winter, when the weather is unappealing. Spending some time in the fresh air, though, is a huge mood booster and will help keep your immune system healthy. Make a list of winter gardening jobs such as weeding, sweeping and cleaning pathways, and work your way through them. If you don’t have a garden or really can’t face the weather, then there’s plenty you can do inside even if you have limited space. Stretch along with a yoga video online, learn to use an exercise ball or just do some heavy housework!

Stay positive

Don’t keep expensive scented candles and soap just for special occasions. The right aromas can be a mood booster and help to lift our spirits a little on a grey, dreary day – try bright, citrussy scents, rosemary and peppermint. Image credit: Pixabay

This year more than any other it’s been hard for many us to keep going as normal. Making time for yourself isn’t a luxury so much as a necessity, especially at the moment. Give yourself at least one night a week ‘off’, and watch a favourite film, light that very expensive scented candle and prepare not to share the last of the chocolates with anyone else.

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