Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Have you been thinking about doing some work on your property but are concerned about the environmental impact? We have all started to become much more aware about our individual carbon footprint, and that’s a good thing, but it can sometimes be a stumbling block when we think about changes we want to make. Can we really justify installing new materials in our home? Is that new addition going to be energy efficient? Well, the good news is that more and more companies share your concerns, and they are going the extra mile to ensure that you can use their services in good faith. Combine that with a little education on the subject on your part, and you can start the process of turning your home into an eco-friendly zone.

Think About Insulation

Make your house even cosier with the use of proper insulation

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We all grew up in homes where we would be shouted at for putting the heating on if our parents didn’t deem it cold enough, and now that we’re old enough to have properties of our own, we have turned into that same person! However, if your home is properly insulated, you are well on your way to cutting down on both the utility bill and the carbon footprint. There are several places where you can install insulation to cut down on heat loss, from the attic to the walls (the walls can be a little trickier but it is eminently doable), and installing proper double or triple glazing on your windows will make a tremendous difference.

Use Recycled Materials For New Additions

Whether you’re converting an existing room or adding a new exterior feature, there’s absolutely no reason why you should have to use non-recycled or non-sustainable materials. As we mentioned, everyone is, or should be, making a bigger push than ever to ensure that they are being responsible, so when you’re putting up that new garden shed, turning that garage into a new office, or installing some new decking in your garden, make sure that you think green. Composite decking by Ecoscape, for example, is almost entirely made from recycled materials, whether you want walnut, graphite, charcoal or ash boards for your garden. They also offer cladding and fencing, and offer a free sample pack to get those ideas percolating.

Get Composting

Make your own compost to aid your gardening

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This is arguably the most simple thing that you can do to make your home a little greener but it is remarkable that people still need convincing to install one. With relatively little effort, you can have your own recycle station at the end of your garden as you can turn your kitchen and garden waste into a material that plants and soil crave. But it’s not just a gardening aid, either. A compost heap is almost its own little ecosystem, as the worms and insects which help break down the material are very attractive to birds, who will come and investigate this new addition too. So, if you’re looking to bring some more feathered friends into your garden this spring, a compost heap is a great addition.

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