Furniture Storage Options for Frugal Homeowners

If you are a frugal homeowner, then you probably have a downsized property which allows you to save money on rent and cut down on maintenance costs. However, the only problem with a downsized home is the fact that you probably have limited room for your all the furniture you previously owned. As a result, your home can become rather cramped. If you’re struggling with a small home and too much furniture, here are some tips and tricks for storing your belongings as a frugal homeowner.


Perhaps the best solution for storing your furniture is using a self-storage unit. For those who don’t know already, self-storage is when you stow your belongings in a container within a warehouse. These containers of space can be used for whatever you want, including furniture storage. They come in various sizes, too. You might use one to store your vintage car or stow your children’s belongings if they have returned from university for the summer. What’s more, some companies will offer self-storage contracts which are completely flexible. This means you can rent the storage unit for as long as you need. As such, homeowners no longer need to throw away their belongings to create more room in their property. Look at these options for self storage in London if you need recommendations.


To create more room in your house, you could try dismantling existing furniture that you no longer need to use. In their assembled state, your furnishings aren’t the most ‘space’ efficient. For instance, when your dining table first arrived, it was probably flat and compactible. Now, it takes up many more dimensions. As such, dissembling unused furniture is a smart way for the frugal homeowner to create more room in their home without throwing anything away. Once everything is flat-packed, it should be much easier to store. Just remember to keep all the various components of your dismantled furnishings together. You wouldn’t want to lose a screw and never be able to put together your table again.


One of the best ways to create room in your home – without sacrificing any furniture – is stacking. This allows you to use all the available space in your home, from the floor to the ceiling. Of course, you will need a clever stacking system in place to achieve this. One of the easiest items to stack are chairs. Tables that are similar sizes can also be placed on top of one another. Certain items, like bedroom drawers, have a ‘stackable’ furniture design, too. First, though, you must pull the drawers out and pile these together as well. Like we mentioned before, it should also be easier to load furniture together once it’s been dismantled. Table tops, for example, can lie flat on top of one another.

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Creating Room

To further optimise the storage capacity of your property, you could try creating more rooms wherever possible. For example, the area beneath the stairs often goes unused and instead you could convert this space into an under-stairs cupboard where you can store all your miscellaneous furniture. It’s also worth looking at the current layout of your rooms. Is everything arranged in the most space-efficient manner? If not, then you should try to reorganise and create room where there wasn’t before. For instance, rather than pushing all your furniture against the walls, try creating different sections in each room.

These are some great furniture storage options for frugal homeowners. By following our advice, you can create more room in your property without needing to spend a huge amount of money and still retain spare pieces for future needs.

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