Limited edition LEGO Movie storage brick boxes

Official LEGO Movie home product

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your home tidy and organised, especially when you’ve got young children who like to spread their toys around on the floor. Getting organised and encouraging them to pick things up after they’ve played with them, and tidy them away at the end of the day, is a good habit to try and bestow, and having good storage solutions available to help with this task makes life easier.

There are various good children’s storage products available, but one that we think really captures children’s imaginations, and appeals to adults too, are the LEGO storage bricks.

To coincide with the recent release of the LEGO Movie, a range of limited edition storage brick boxes, officially licensed by LEGO, have been released.

Limited edition LEGO Movie storage


The storage boxes are available in a choice of four bold colours – red, black, orange and blue – and as four size options – large, medium, small and extra small.

We were sent a square red medium sized storage box to test and review and are impressed with the size, storage capability and robust design. It looks just like a giant sized version of the famous Lego building bricks, with LEGO branding on the ‘knobs’ of the brick. The lid lifts off to reveal plenty of storage inside. If you have more than one box, you can even get creative and stack them together – just like building with real LEGO.

In terms of getting children to pack away their toys, the look of the brick box is appealing and can make tidying up more fun. They’re perfect for using in children’s rooms, playrooms or nurseries, but would also look quite funky left out in the corner of your living room. It’s storage that you’ll find acceptable too.

Whether you’re a fan of LEGO, or just want to get organised, the bricks are a good option for a cosy family home.

The large storage brick is £22.95, the medium £13.95, the small £9.95 and the extra small – which is the right size for using on a desk – is just £6.95. All are available from STORE.

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