Finishing touches for home decorating perfection

When you’re completing decorating in your home interior, the finishing touches can really make a difference between you ending up with a standard finish and a perfect finish. Here’s a look at some of the key finishing touches to consider adding to your home decor.


Adding architrave around a door really finishes off the decorating design

Architrave is a form of moulding that is fitted over doorways and arches. It helps improve the look of a doorway and add an element of aesthetic appeal to the décor.

Architrave is available in a variety of styles, from classical Edwardian style, to more modern and contemporary designs, so there’s something to fit your home, whatever its age. One of the most durable types to use is MDF architrave, which is affordable and widely available to either match or contrast with your skirting boards. It’s typically sold in different lengths and thicknesses, so you can tailor it to fit your décor needs.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards are used to cover the lowest part of an interior wall. They were traditionally added so that homeowners in the past could mop their floors without the water affecting the plasterboard, but have continued to be a popular finishing touch in interior design projects today.

The skirting board helps to hide any uneven edges along the bottom of the walls and the floor, successfully covering up any small gaps and adding an extra layer of protection for the wall. This is especially beneficial if you have young children who frequently play with toys on the floor, or pets such as dogs living in your home.

Like architrave, skirting boards are widely available in a range of designs and styles, from elegant and elaborate classical designs to more simple modern styles.

Ceiling roses

Stunning example of a ceiling rose or rosette light fitting

Ceiling roses (sometimes also called rosettes) are a form of moulding that is fixed to the ceiling. They’re usually centrally placed and act as a decorative focal point for light fittings.

Large highly decorative ceiling roses are typically found in period homes where chandeliers are hung, but more modest ceiling roses are still used to provide a finishing touch in modern homes.

Picture rails

A picture rail is a form of moulding that is installed horizontally on the walls a few feet from the top. Picture rails are commonly found in older period properties, such as those dating from the 1920s and 1930s, and tended to be included frequently in homes built before World War II.

As the name suggests, picture rails serve a practical purpose as they can be used to effectively hang pictures and some mirrors. This helps reduce the need to put hooks or nails into your wall for hanging things up and helps prevent damage to the plaster.

They work well as a decorative feature too, helping to add character and charm to older style homes. By painting the wall above the picture rails in a lighter colour than the paint below, they can cleverly be used to give the illusion that your ceilings are higher.

As you can see, there’s more to decorating a room than simply adding a fresh coat of paint. It may take a bit of extra time, work and patience to complete your room, but the effect of the finishing touches is definitely worth it.

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