Storage ideas for your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, the chances are you’ve been mostly living in it this summer. With unprecedented temperatures and very little rain, many of us have been sitting, cooking and even sleeping outside in an attempt to keep cool. That means there’s a chance you might have invested in a major purchase for your outside space this summer – perhaps some new patio furniture, or a hammock. While this is certainly the year to have got the most out of your purchases, at some point you’ll have to think about packing everything away.

Not many of us have lots of storage space in houses or garages going begging, so have you thought where you’ll keep your garden accessories over the colder months? We take a look at some clever outside storage solutions.

Storage boxes

If you don’t have room for a full-sized shed, then outdoor storage boxes are available in a range of shapes and storage sizes. You can choose from all-weather, heavy duty plastic or more traditional wooden versions. Things to think about include whether you’re going to be able to see the box from the house, and whether or not you need a version that can be locked. Unless you’ve going to need to move the box around the garden, you could always disguise it with climbing shrubs and planters.


Aldsworth tall storage box, Garden Trading

When a standard outdoor storage box just isn’t big enough, this taller version can accommodate scooters, folding lawnmowers or the odd set of cricket stumps. The Spruce structure comes with a slanted zinc lid, allowing water to run off easily, keeping the inner contents dry. £425, available from Garden Trading.

Storage bench

If you’re tight for space, storage benches are a simple but brilliant idea. Combining a seat with a storage unit, they make the perfect repository for all the smaller accessories of summer, such as outdoor cushions, lanterns and candles.

Wooden 6ft outdoor storage bench/toy box, MudKitchenUK

This roomy, chunky bench will seat three adults with ease and doubles as a spacious storage area for toys and much more. £140, available in a range of colours from MudKitchenUK via Etsy.

Log stores

As the name suggests, these are for storing….erm….logs. They’re also great for more or less anything else that has to live outside, though – for example, larger log stores are perfect for garden furniture, bicycles and hammocks. Log stores have to be open to allow stored wood to breathe, so if you’re using them for something else you might also like to invest in a sturdy chain and padlock to loop around your goods!

Wooden sentry box with log store, Sue Ryder

Measuring  H180cm x W131cm x D54.5cm, this sentry box with integral log store should fit most spaces and will accommodate  long-handled garden tools. Made from high-quality weatherproof material with a protected with an asphalt room, this storage shed features shelves and a cubby hole, which is great for holding garden tools, pots, wellies and much more, and space to keep your logs dry.

Wheelie bin covers

Let’s face it, wheelie bins aren’t the most attractive objects in the world and sometimes you’re forced to keep them in plain sight. If you do invest in a wheelie bin ‘corral’, then it could be a good opportunity to tag some additional storage on.

Triple wheelie bin cover, Garden Furniture Centre

This triple storage cover is ideal if you just have one or two bins to accommodate, leaving the rest of the space for you to use as storage. The covers are lockable to protect valuables, and the slatted construction means you could also use it to store coal or logs. £249, available from Garden Furniture Centre.

Main image credit: Pixabay

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