5 Ways to Make Your Fireplace more Attractive

Cosy home fire ideas

Is your fireplace an attractive feature in your home? If it isn’t, with a little thought and planning it can easily become one. Here are five fireplace decoration ideas to improve your hearth and make it a focal point in your home.

1. Mantle piece decoration is cost effective and easy and can transform your fireplace instantly. From stylish, elegant ornaments, framed photographs to crafts, your mantel piece can become the focal point of the room, and it is perfectly situated above the hearth.

A shelf of well loved books lined up on a mantel piece will bring colour and culture to your fireplace. Why not accentuate this feature with decorative fairy lights?

Create a rustic mantel piece using salvaged wood. Consider creating a shelf from barn support beams.

Warm and cosy fireplace

2. Fireplace dustpan and brushes will complement any hearth and are available in a variety of styles and colours. Whether you prefer a rustic look or ultra modern touch to your fireplace, you will find a dustpan and brush set to suit your home.

For a traditional feel, choose from brass with an antique finish or iron. For a more contemporary choice, a pewter or chrome set will off set your fireplace beautifully. As well as looking decorative, they’re useful fireplace accessories to have.

3. Log/kindling baskets and carriers are a useful accompaniment to any fireplace and will really accentuate the hearth. You can opt for a traditional wicker basket which can be filled with logs and looks stunning, especially next to a crackling fire.

If you want something more contemporary for your fireplace, why not choose a metal log carrier in a stylish design that will make a truly eye catching accessory. Log carriers and baskets are also available in striking contemporary colours.

4. Feature walls make quite an impact around your fireplace. You might opt for natural stone or tiles to accentuate your real fire, or simply paint the wall of the chimney breast in a vibrant red or choose vintage or contemporary wall paper.

Wood burning stove for a cosy home

5. Modern wood burning stoves give an elegant, traditional or contemporary look to any fireplace. Whatever the style you prefer, modern stoves have advanced technology to give them high efficiency ratings. Stoves are offered in cast iron designs and also in glass with ceramic panels. Whatever design suits your needs, a modern wood burning stove will really set off your fireplace and hearth and provide you with an impressive heat source at the same time.

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