Tunnock’s Teacake and Caramel Wafer design placemats

Chocolate wrapper inspired designer mats

Gillian Kyle designs

Fancy a Tunnock’s Teacake or a Caramel Wafer?

Thankfully there’s no tough choice involved here, as you get both of them – although sadly not the real thing, but the design immortalised onto placemats.

The set of four placemats are designed by Gillian Kyle and feature the classic red and white wrapper design of these sweet chocolate treats.

You get two of each design and the set costs £21.

Gillian has also used the same designs on a range of other products, so if you love it, you could equip your kitchen with matching coasters (£12.75)  tea towels (£8.50), aprons (£17.95) or mugs (£10.50).

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