Camembert cheese roaster from Moore Designs

Camembert cheese baking roaster How to make baked camembert

Confession time: I love cheese. I adore baked and melted Camembert.

Whilst I normally bake it in the oven, I can’t resist the look of this Camembert cheese roaster, which can be used on an open fire, on the top plate of an Aga, or in an oven. The open fire option appeals greatly, even though I have no open fire at home (might have to go and stay somewhere that does, just to try it out).

To use the roaster, you unwrap the Camembert as normal, then place it back in the wooden box. The box then goes in the bottom of the roaster pan. Pop the pan over the fire/on the AGA/in the oven (with the door open) and wait for the cheese to melt gloriously.

Once melted, remove the pan and dip crusty bread or crudites into it and enjoy. The melted Camembert can be eaten from the roaster if you wish.

Baked camembert roaster

As well as using the roasting pan to melt Camembert to perfection, it also doubles up as a useful chestnut roaster pan too, so you can have chestnuts roasting on an open fire at Christmas. When not in use, it can be hung in your kitchen or around the fireplace in a rustic fashion.

The Camembert roaster is handmade from burnished steel at the Moore Designs forge in rural Sussex. It costs £58 to buy from their store on Not On The High Street.

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