Freshly Forked vegetable planting bags

Patio fruit and veg grow bags

Grow your own fruit and veg

Keen to grow your own vegetables or fruit, but struggling with limited space in your garden, or no garden at all?

These vegetable planting bags are a great alternative to use and can be placed on a patio or balcony to allow you to grow fresh produce in even the smallest of spaces. Arriving as a set of two, the durable planting bags are equipped with drainage holes at the bottom and handles to allow you to easily move them when they’re full of compost and plants.
The bags are suitable for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in, from strawberries and tomatoes, to courgettes, peppers, salad vegetables and squash.
You can either add compost and seeds or – and especially at this stage in the growing season – buy ready grown plants and pop them straight into your compost, to continue growing at home.

The set of two vegetable planting bags cost £9.95 from Freshly Forked, and they can be re-used again next year.

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