Cosy home baking: Pretty measuring cups

Cosy home baking accessories: Decorative measuring cups

When it comes to baking accessories, I have a decidedly soft spot for pretty measuring cups.

They’re useful to have for recipes that denote ingredients in cups and can double up as handy little bowls to put ingredients in when you’re baking. Plus, when they’re not in use, they look decorative left out on display on a shelf or kitchen cupboard.

These four sets of china and stoneware measuring cups certainly come up trumps in terms of prettiness, but will be useful too. What do you think?

1. Okuno measuring cups, £32 from Anthropologie

2. Polly’s Pantry measuring cups, £18 from John Lewis

3. Churchill Made with Love set of three measuring cups, £16.99 fromLakeland

4. Set of four vintage botanical measuring cups, £19.99 from Mollie & Fred

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