These Are The Home Improvements That Are Worth Your Time And Money

Your house isn’t just a home, it’s your most important financial asset. That’s why you need to constantly improve your property, adding features and exploring additional ways to build the value. There’s lots of ways to do this but they aren’t all equal. Here are the suggestions we recommend you keep in mind. 

New Boiler

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First, you should think about upgrading your boiler. If your boiler is more than ten years old, it probably needs to be replaced anyway. Even if it isn’t, then it could still be worth checking out some of the new options available on the market. New boiler installation can save you money in the short term and increase the value of your home in the long term. Ideally, we recommend getting your boiler checked at least once a year to make sure that you’re not keeping it past its sell by date. 

Renewable Energy Solutions 

Something else to think about that is worth your time and money is renewable energy solutions for your home. If you are unsure where to begin with this, think about solar panels. Solar panels on your roof could save you a whopping 50% on your annual energy bills. They have a high initial cost, but they are worth their weight in gold and save you a fortune in the long run. They are also less of an eye sore than they used to be and can blend in with your home rather than standing out. You may get lots of leaflets through your door trying to sell you solar panels but it is essential you shop around. You don’t want to go with the first company you hear of, do your research and perhaps go off recommendations from family or friends. 

Improved Windows 

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You might think that the only reason to upgrade your windows is to provide a better level of insulation. That’s not the case. Instead, there are a few reasons to upgrade your windows that you absolutely should consider. First, it’s a great way to dress up your home and ensure that it looks more modern or attractive. If your windows haven’t been upgraded in a while, then it can immediately date your home. This is always going to be a problem when it’s time to sell the property in the future. 


What about extensions? If you want to get more from your home, then it’s always worth building up the true floor space. This is also the only option that will provide real, measurable value to your home. Sure, you can try alternatives to boost the selling price, but these will impact the perceived value. Adding an extension actually changes how much your home is worth. It provides you, and future owners, with significantly more space. The only problem with an extension is that it can be quite complicated to get the necessary planning permission. The trick here is to choose a contractor you can trust. 

Curb Appeal

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Of course, if you are thinking in terms of a future sale – and you should be – then curb appeal needs to be at the top of your list of priorities. There are various ways that you can add curb appeal to your home. For instance, you might want to think about changing the front door. Again, you might need local approval to do this. But it can be worth it because it will make your home stand out from all other properties on the street. Alternatively, a slightly less dramatic change would be to add tropical flowers outside of your home. These will make your home feel fresh, unique, and inspired.


Finally, if you are looking for just one home improvement that is worth spending money on then think about a conversion. This could be a garage conversion or even a loft conversion, these are the most common ones. A loft conversion can add a lot of space to your home, so if this is your main goal then go for it. If you have been talking about selling and moving somewhere bigger then this could cost a significantly higher amount than a conversion. Speak to a building surveyor who will come and check out if your home is suitable for a loft conversion, your building supports have to be in the right place. Once you get the go ahead, be sure to find someone suitable to complete this for you to the highest standards. 

Take this advice and you’ll easily be able to create a home that is valuable, practical, and provides real long term benefits for you as well as your family. 

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