How to Keep Your Furniture from Fading

Your home is an investment, and you want it to remain in good condition. But the sun has other ideas, and you need to keep your furniture from fading to ensure it stays looking good. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to make your efforts more effective.

Block the Light, Of Course

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First, you can simply keep your furniture out of the light by blocking it with curtains and blinds. This will prevent sun fading, but it also means you won’t get full use of the sunlight from your shiny new windows or the stunning timber roof lanterns you had installed. A good compromise would be to open the curtains and blinds when you are using the room. At any other time, you can block out the light to greatly reduce the fading effect of the sun on your beautiful furniture.

Consider a Window Film

It is the UV rays of the sun and not the actual light that causes your furniture to fade. Because of this, it isn’t always necessary to block the light, just the UV radiation. And luckily, this is pretty easy with the right tools. Window film is readily available online and from DIY and home improvement stores. Window film blocks 99% of the UV rays and heat from your home. The downside is that you won’t get extra heat from the sun, but it does help keep heat inside.

Keep Your Furniture from Fading by Moving It

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It is good to move your furniture every now and then to keep things fresh. And moving your stuff can help keep it out of the sun too. Perhaps you could rearrange your room every summer so that most of the sunlight stays off it. You can then place things like your favorite reading chair back into the sunspots during fall when the light isn’t as intense and is more pleasant to see as the hue turns golden brown. Then you just need to wait for the perfect rainy Saturday.

Try a Sun Shield Spray

Most of the efforts are to keep the light from your furniture, but this isn’t always possible. You can, however, use sun shield sprays directly on your furniture. All you need to do is apply a thin layer, and the formula will prevent UV fading. However, the chemicals in these sprays are very strong and harmful, so they aren’t made for use indoors. However, they are excellent for keeping your expensive garden and patio furniture in tip-top condition the whole year round.

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

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It isn’t only the sun that causes the furniture to fade. Sure, it is the main contributor, but there is much more to keeping furniture looking great than blocking the sunlight. A dusty home, for example, will contribute to fading. Dust settles and releases chemicals that damage furniture. And then there’s just the color of the dust itself, which will give the appearance of fading. A simple vacuuming and then dusting every couple of days is pretty much all the work needed.


You can keep your furniture from fading by protecting it from the sun with curtains and blinds, moving it, and sun shield sprays. But you must also clean away any dust every few days.

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