Easy Ways to Create More Space and Light in Your Home

If your home feels a bit dark and gloomy, you may want to inject a feeling of more space and light into your house. There are lots of practical methods you can use to do this that don’t involve a lot of expense or time, so why not give one or more of these ideas a go?

Rearrange Your Stuff

How to transform a house into a cosy home
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Just moving things around and rearranging a room can make your home feel much bigger. Some furniture and decor items might be blocking pathways, imposing on doorways, or even obscuring natural light. You should also think about where you place things on walls. For example, using A2 photo frames on a larger wall can have a better impact than using many smaller ones. And it works the other way around – a larger frame in a small space can feel a bit more imposing. As well as hanging pictures and photos on walls, a well placed mirror will also help to bounce around light in a room.

Swap Curtains for Blinds

With the high winter energy costs, you have probably had thick curtains hanging for a few months now. But when it comes to spring and summer, they might not be needed so much. You could end up blocking natural light (and heat) if you use thick blackout curtains, plus they can make your windows appear and feel much smaller, which isn’t right for the warmer months. When the sun is shining, you want to feel like it is flooding your home, as this helps you feel better at home, so consider swapping the use of thick curtains for lighter blinds.

Change Your Colours for Space and Light

The colours you use when decorating can impact how you take in light and feel about the space around you. They can, in fact, trick your mind. For example, a box painted black will feel heavier than one painted white. And the same applies to your rooms. So it makes sense to open up your space and calm your mind by using colours that support the use of natural light. White and off-white tones are a good foundation, and you can enhance this with grays, blues, and greens.

Use Hardwood and Rugs

Natural light makes a living room feel brighter
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Like curtains, the thick fabrics and often darker colours of carpets can impose on a room. If you are looking to redo your flooring this year, you can help create the feel of more space with hard flooring. Natural wood is, of course, the best to use. But you can also try laminate or composite if the wood is too expensive. For the feeling of coziness you need when winding down, accent your wood with a contrasting area rug placed in the space where you like to relax, such as your lounge area.

Adopt a Specific Decor Style

There are many decor styles to choose from, and for some people, the one they use is dictated by their property type. But you don’t need to do this, and mixing contemporary styles with traditional is popular these days. Some of the most popular decor styles for enhancing light and space at your home include the very trendy industrial, artsy Boho, and timeless Art Deco, which makes use of reflective materials. Try sites like Pinterest for some interesting decor ideas.


Decorating your home for space and light helps you feel better about the space you are in and it could result in giving your mood an uplift too.

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