5 Renovation Projects Better Suited to Winter

Summer is very busy for contractor jobs that require special skills and home improvements for DIY. However, there are some projects better suited to winter that cost much less money.

Yard and Garden Landscaping

Even though weeds and other plants don’t grow as much in the winter, you still need to do some landscaping work to keep your garden in good shape. It’s best to hire landscapers in the winter because they’re likely to be less busy then, and you can request better prices. You can also ask for specialized services like limestone paving, patio installation, or decking projects for much less than during the summer when they are in high demand, and everyone wants to sit outside.

Painting Inside and Outside

Painters are less busy in the winter, so they will offer better deals than they do in the summer when they are fully booked and need to make money. In the summer, you might have to wait more than a month for a painter. But a painter will probably come within a week or less in the winter months. Of course, you can save even more money if you do the painting yourself. But you’ll have to open windows to let the fumes out, which will make your heating bills go up.

Installing Flooring

Since it’s not a good idea to let new floors dry out in humid weather, winter is the perfect time to get your wooden floors fixed or put in. For a better result, you’ll need the warmer, drier air of the winter. Although it may seem tricky to install¬†wooden floors in the winter when you spend more time inside and need to walk on them, the temporary trouble and upheaval is worth it because you will get a much better finish on your new wood installation.

Annual HVAC Maintenance

Spring and summer are the worst times to need an HVAC contractor. When their schedules are full, it’s not unusual to have to wait several weeks to secure an appointment. Instead, you can save money if you hire an engineer in the winter when they are more likely to be available, and installation costs are often lower. Plus, you won’t have to make a quick decision based on how badly you want to stay cool, and you’ll have more time to look around for better prices.

Booking a Complete Remodel

You might want to finally finish remodelling a room. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be cheaper in the winter if contractors are trying to make up for having fewer jobs.  You can save even more money by buying things like ovens on Black Friday or after Christmas when they are on sale.

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