Reclaimed and recycled teak floor tiles

Shabby chic weathered floor tiles flooring

Reclaimed teak floor tiles

These unusual floor tiles have a wonderfully weathered look to them. It’s not surprising, since they’re made from reclaimed and recycled teak.

The strips of teak were sourced from redundant buildings in India and have mounted onto a tough cotton backing to create the floor tiles. As they’re made from seasoned wood, in theory they shouldn’t suffer any shrinkage or swelling when laid.

The style and look of the tiles reminds us a lot of the Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hien Eek, which has a very similar weathered wood look.

Unless you’re blessed with a large flooring budget, the tiles are probably best suited for use in smaller spaces, as they’re sadly not cheap. Four floor tiles are equivalent to one square metre and cost £145 from House Interiors and Gifts.

If you’re embarking on a DIY project like this that involves removing an existing floor and getting rid of old flooring materials, it can be a big task. To make things easier, and save on numerous trips to the dump, you may find it useful to use a skip hire service. Anything that can take a bit of the strain out of DIY is good in our book!

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