4 Productivity Hacks to Follow in a Remote Work Setting

The biggest advantage of working remotely is flexibility. Many jobs come with flexible schedules, which means employees can start and end their day as per their preferences. While having a remote job is great, the luxury of flexible working hours can turn into a missed opportunity if not handled properly.

Most remote workers often struggle to stay productive due to the pressure of work commitments and handling household chores. However, if you are struggling with the same, we have got something for you.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best tips that will help you stay productive while working from home. So, let’s dive in:

1. Designate Your Working Space

A cosy home office could be created in a renovated shed or garden building, allowing you to work from home

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Working from home can offer you the freedom to work in pyjamas from the comfort of your bed or sofa. While working from your bed or sofa is great, this can hinder your productivity at work. It will make you feel lazy throughout the day. Instead, choose a separate room with a good amount of sunlight which will help you stay productive during your working hours, and a comfortable chair.

Using different spaces in your home can create a boundary between working and relaxing. You can also choose a space in your home which is far away from household distractions and noises.

2. Take Breaks

To boost your productivity, it’s important to take breaks to recharge your body and mind. Every hour or so, take a short break of at least a few minutes of break from the screen. You can take a short walk in your home, pet your dog, refill your water, etc.

You can also take a short break of at least 20 minutes to play with your kid and dog or go for a walk in the park with your loved ones. This is one of the best productivity hacks which every remote employee must follow.

3. Don’t Be Consumed By Social Media

Home office desk set-up

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While working remotely, it’s easy to get distracted by your mobile phones and social media apps. Using these apps can become addictive and hinder your productivity at work. So, if you are using an iPhone, make sure to delete all the apps which distract you from work. You can click on this link to know how to delete apps on iPhone: https://setapp.com/how-to/delete-apps-on-iphone

Instead of surfing social media, you can try to listen to some music. It can boost your mood, reduce stress levels, and enhance cognitive performance. By doing this, you can overcome distractions and find the best possible ways to boost your productivity.

4. Stay Connected With Your Colleagues

When you work remotely, you won’t be able to meet your colleagues in person. However, you can stay connected with your colleagues by using video calling tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

During your video call, you can discuss work, projects, news, sector trends, and more. Even a short informal conversation with your colleagues is enough to refresh your mind during breaks.

Summing Up

Working remotely comes with a lot of challenges. But setting up your schedule, eliminating distractions, and discussing household chores with your partner can go a long way in enhancing your productivity levels.

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