Christmas craft review: Gingerbread cottage stitch kit by Caterpillar Cross Stitch

With Christmas drawing ever closer, we take a look at this pretty cross stitch kit, ideal for stitching or gifting. Reviewer Sara Walker takes up her needle.

“I have to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of cross stitch because I’m just too impatient and it can be a bit fiddly. However, I seem to have solved this problem! This little kit is very manageable and not too over-facing, so I wasn’t put off by the scale of the project. My really bright idea, though, was to pack this to do on a very long car journey (obviously I wasn’t driving!) It was ideal, and kept me occupied for hours while still being able to chat and listen to the radio. The finished project is destined to be a Christmas card for some American relatives, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

Caterpillar cross stitch gingerbread cottage kit

Gingerbread house cross stitch kit, Caterpillar Cross Stitch

“This kit, which features a little gingerbread cottage, is one of many designs available from specialist stitch company Caterpillar Cross Stitch. It’s available in several permutations, including pattern-only, kit only and kit and hoop. Prices range from £5.95 to £22. I looked at the kit-excluding-hoop option, which costs £16.50. The kit included everything I’d need, including pattern, thread and holder, aida fabric and needle. All I had to add was a pair of scissors and a bag to keep everything together.

Gingerbread cottage cross stitch kit by Caterpillar Cross Stitch

Kit contents, including thread, needle and pattern.

“I started off by taping up the edges of the fabric with masking tape to stop it fraying while I was working, then I got stuck straight in. The instructions were easy to follow, and required no previous experience or expertise.

“I started off with a block of the base brown colour so give me something to build the rest of the detail on. I found the process very soothing and enjoyed seeing the design build up gradually. I did make a couple of – ahem – minor mistakes with the counting, but nothing that matter dramatically (the decorative bushes at the front of the house might not be quite the right shape, but I just made them symmetrical so it wouldn’t show too much!) I was really pleased with my end result – I didn’t keep track of how long it took me, but it was time I wouldn’t have used for anything else. Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten to take any ‘work in progress’ photos, probably due to the ‘being in a car’ thing!

Gingerbread house cross stitch by Sara Walker, designed by Caterpillar Cross Stitch

My finished project – looking surprisingly like the kit photo! I also added some outlining around the main features, there was more than enough dark brown thread supplied to do this.

“These little kits would make a great present for anyone interested in crafting, particularly if you do a lot of travelling! Alternatively, the finished project could be personalised and gifted for a house warming, new baby or any other event – Caterpillar Cross Stitch has designs for every occasion.”

To find out more and buy products online, visit Caterpillar Cross Stitch.

Main image: (c) Caterpillar Cross Stitch.

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