3 Garden Renovation Ideas

As the summer draws to a close, you’d be forgiven for thinking that now isn’t the time for a garden renovation. And when it comes to overhauling the planting, you might be right. However, it’s the perfect time to plan and prepare for changes that will make your garden gorgeous for next summer.

It can be anything from new flower beds to new fruit trees to even summer houses that you can have installed in the garden as part of your ideas for a newly aesthetic shed. Garden sheds are great for keeping hold of all of your tools, but they’re also perfect for kicking back in with a book and the doors wide open to catch a breeze. When thinking about planning garden improvements, you want to first make sure you know which way your garden is facing and the quality of your soil, as this will inform what you plant in it and where you place new garden beds or seating areas.

Read on to discover three garden renovation ideas that you can get thinking about right now.

1. Look after your lawn

When you look out at your garden, chances are the most obvious part of it is your lawn. Most people stick to it being a square or a triangle, but you don’t need to be constrained that way. You can create a really interesting design by creating an oval or s-shaped lawn that will draw the eye down and allow for more interesting planting and boarders around.

Apart from just the shape, it’s important your garden lawn looks green and lush. To do so, make sure it’s getting enough water all year around and be careful not to cut it too short, as that will make it appear sparse. Consider sprinklers, if your lawn is very big.

2. Update your patio

Overhauling or adding a new garden patio is one of the biggest changes you can make to the garden. You can create levels, extra living spaces and give your garden a complete refresh. When it comes to choosing between a hardwood decking or yorkstone decking, think about the level of maintenance you want to undertake, the weather, whether you want to use natural materials or man-made ones.

It may feel like a big undertaking, but it’s such a rewarding project. Having a new outdoor floor also allows you to flex your plant pot muscles, as you can use planters to contain slightly different plants to those you’d have in your garden. You can even think about customised outdoor lighting that can make the space perfect for long summer nights.

3. Add new furniture

White garden furniture on a garden patio dining space

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Sometimes the only thing you need to change the space and make a garden feel brand new is adding or updating garden furniture. You could have a perfectly beautiful garden that you feel you just don’t use enough if you don’t have the right furniture. So, think carefully about how you use it and where the sun hits in different parts of the day. Adding a new garden table or sofa is great for people who enjoy socialising, while a new love seat positioned in the shade can be great for those who like to sit quietly and read.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful when it comes to thinking about your next garden renovation. Make sure to enjoy the planning and the process. After all, gardening is nothing if not a labour of love!

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