5 stress-busting tips for a smooth move

Moving house is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done, and I’m not alone. Buying and selling a property regularly tops polls of stressful life event.

Record numbers of people have been moving house this summer as they race to beat the stamp duty deadline, and with demand still strong it seems many more people will be moving house before the end of the year. So, if you’re planning to move house soon, what can you do to reduce your stress levels? Life coach Sam Lister has teamed up with property buying company Quick Move Now to offer us some top tips for a stress-free move.

Moving house and packing up all your belongings can be stressful.

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1. Focus on ‘the big three’

In high-stress circumstances, people often forget the basics and go into panic mode. Ensuring you’re getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in some moments of self-care will all help your body and mind to cope better with the added stress and uncertainty of moving house.

2. Plan what you can

When it comes to moving house, some elements are out of your control. However, it’s important that you do plan what you can. Writing lists will not only help to ensure that you don’t forget tasks, it will also give you a sense of achievement and control as you complete jobs and check them off the list.

3. Focus on the present 

With uncertain timescales and unknown outcomes, it can be easy to let your mind get caught up in a series of ‘what if’ scenarios. Whilst it’s important to consider contingency plans if things aren’t going as expected, a constant preoccupation with aspects you can’t control will not lead to a healthy mindset. Try to focus on the present and use simple breathing exercises whenever you feel your stress levels rising.

Packing up belongings ready for a house move

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4. Talk it through

A great way to combat stress and uncertainty is to talk the situation through with someone you trust. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or even a professional coach or counsellor, talking helps you to put things in perspective and offers clarity on appropriate actions.

5. Remember that ‘this too shall pass’

When you’re in the middle of a house move it can feel like there’s no end to the process, but it’s important to remember that there will be a completion date. Try to stay focused on the end goal and your reason for moving. Whether your motivation is to have more space, to change location or to release the equity tied up in your property, it’s important to focus on the benefits you’ll experience once the move is complete.

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