6 Benefits of Down Pillows That Will Make You a Fan

Down pillows are a great addition to a luxury bedroom

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Whenever you hear of luxury bedding, down pillows immediately come to mind. And why shouldn’t they? They’re all about the comfort, they’re super fluffy, soft and so light. If you ever think of redecorating your bedroom and adding some luxurious bedding, down pillows should definitely be on your list. Made from goose or duck feathers, these pillows are a must have.

Down pillows tend to be more expensive and they can be often be found in five-star hotels. But apart from being a luxury, down pillows have some really insightful benefits as well that we’d like to share.

1. Easy Washing and Cleaning

If your down pillow gets dirty, you can easily wash them instead of replacing. Machine washable down pillows require two extra cycles to eliminate all the dirt build-up and two extra turn cycles to eliminate extra soaked-up water. After washing them, you can dry them by putting them in the dryer at the required temperature for no more than 20 minutes.

You can refer to this in-depth cleaning guide by Pillow Insider if you want to take it one step further and master the art of washing and drying goose down pillows at home.

Make sure to keep your unused down pillows carefully in a cover or a bag to prevent them from catching dirt and other bacteria. But make sure to avoid plastic bags as they trap moisture in them causing infections.

2. Breathable 

Down pillows are light and airy which makes them quite breathable. It helps in preventing sweat and moisture to accumulate in the pillow so you don’t feel any stickiness while sleeping. As down pillows are made from feathers, they’re super light and allow you to breathe easily so you won’t feel hot or suffocated. These down pillows are amazing for a good night’s sleep.

3. Hypoallergenic

Down pillows are hypoallergenic, unlike most pillows, because they’re made from natural feathers. Down is antibacterial naturally and doesn’t attract any sort of bacteria, fungi or other microbes. You just need to consider what sort of cover you are going to use on your pillow. Most allergies and infections that happen to people are usually because of the wrong cover material. 

Most of the covers used for down pillows, particularly those produced using cotton, immediately absorb moisture and skin oils produced by your body during sleep. These retained liquids make a favorable condition for allergens and other sorts of microbes to grow; hence making them unhealthy for hypoallergenic people. So when you are using down pillows, it is imperative that you thoroughly wash pillow covers for your own health.

A cosy bedroom made even nicer with soft and comfortable luxurious down pillows

4. Soft and Warm

Down pillows are incredibly soft and fluffy. They mould to the shape of your neck and head so you don’t feel trapped in the pillow while sleeping. Due to their fluffy nature, they feel soft and comfortable. 

Down holds some heat and warmth in it, yet staying breathable at the same time. This implies that in spite of the fact that down pillows are usually warm, you still won’t wake up in the middle of the night soaked up in sweat and feeling hot.

5. Keeps Temperature Low

You may have noticed during winters that a typical pillow has two zones– one which is under your head when you’re sleeping and the other is the rest of the unoccupied pillow. The zone where your head rests is hotter since you have been laying there for the entire night. 

If during your sleep you unconsciously turn over such that your head or face rolls over to the rest of the pillow which is super cold, you’ll probably wake up from your sleep due to a sudden change in temperature. This is why down pillows are beneficial, their temperature is always low and you won’t feel cold whenever you toss and turn in your sleep. 

By using down pillows, in theory you won’t keep waking up in the middle of the night and feeling exhausted the next day. To boost this effect even more, you could go one step further and add a silk pillowcase

Lovely tones of pink and grey, with mustard accents, give this bedroom a modern touch

6. Good Insulation 

One must use down pillows since they have very good insulation in them. They neither get too warm nor do they get extra cold during the night. They are made from a naturally protecting material that acts as a shield for birds protecting them from a harsh climate. 

Down pillow material doesn’t absorb your body heat and makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the night, in fact they maintain the perfect temperature. Similarly, they don’t get very cold as a result of the chilly climate either. They maintain a normal temperature even when you are not sleeping, and that’s the beauty of these pillows. 

By sleeping on a down pillow, you’ll feel relaxed and fully rested the next day in order to carry out your day chores. 

As you can see, down pillows are a great choice and their anti-allergenic properties and soft and fluffy structure makes them desirable. If you want to create a cosy bedroom using luxurious bedding products, then down pillows are the ideal ingredient. 

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