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Looking for ways to get your bedroom tidy and organised? Here are some practical and creative bedroom storage ideas to get you started.

Make the most of wardrobe space by investing in some clever storage. You can buy hanging shelves made of canvas, which hook over your hanging rail. These are ideal for storing all kinds of things, from t-shirts to underwear.

You could also buy some pretty boxes to stack small items in the bottom of your wardrobe (you know, that place where you normally throw your shoes and then forget about them?). Or simply save the boxes when you purchase new shoes and get creative by covering them in pretty paper.

Speaking of shoes, there are many space saving options available. Why not get a couple of under-bed storage trays (you can even get them with casters on the bottom to make things really easy), so that your shoes are always handy. Another option is to look around for an over-door shoe storage system, to free up even more space!

If you want to save space on bedding or seasonal clothing, invest in vacuum storage bags, which are available quite cheaply, and as well as saving loads of space, keep textiles clean and fresh.

If your dresser is strewn with discarded jewellery and cosmetics, think about how much of it you use daily. Put away all of the items you rarely use, and display just the items you know you will use often. Make a feature of your favourite jewels by hanging them up on a small hook or knob on your wall, or buy a pretty ornamental stand made for this purpose. Pretty wicker storage boxes are ideal for bottles and cosmetics.

Avoid clutter on bedside cabinets by utilising the drawer/cupboard underneath. Get a set of drawer dividers, or make your own. Save space by having wall mounted lamps instead of freestanding, or put up a small corner shelf over your cabinets.

Make use of wall space by hanging shelves. Floating shelves are easy to hang, and look sleeker than traditional shelves. Alternatively, use metal wall brackets so that you can adjust shelves to accommodate larger items if needed.

Don’t let your bedroom become home to unwanted clutter. See what items you can get rid of and donate to charity or, if you’re in need of cash to help buy better storage solutions, consider selling items. If you’ve got unwanted music, duplicate CDs or box sets in your bedroom that you’ll never get around to watching again, free up the space and sell them to a site like¬†who will take old CDs and DVDs in exchange for money.

Written by Tereasa Easton

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