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Luxury silk bedding from Gingerlily

Mentioning silk conjures up images of beauty and luxury in the mind. Reading about how silk is made and the history and production behind it, is enchanting. For this reason, Gingerlily has incorporated the essence, beauty, and singularity of silk into a fabulous collection of luxury bedding and bed linen incorporating the highest quality. Being a leading specialist in silk bedding comes with great responsibility and plenty of rewarding hard work too!

Gingerlily offers silk filled duvets in summer weight, all seasons weight, and winter weight. Silk bed linen is beautifully crafted into luxurious reversible covers with names such as Wave White Silk Bed Linen, Truffle Jacquard Silk Bed Linen, and Allure Ivory Silk Bed Linen. Silk nightwear, blankets and throws, cushions, and bedspreads all make-up the deluxe Gingerlily sumptuous silk bedding collection, made with the finest “A” grade mulberry silk.

Cosy and luxurious Gingerlily bedding

Silk harbours many characteristics such as hypoallergenic qualities, smoothness and sheen, easy adjustability to body temperature, and gentleness on the skin and hair. Nonetheless, checkout these additional traits about silk that will help you understand why Gingerlily has selected such an elite fabric and why using silk as your choice for all things relating to comfort, relaxation, and sleep, is sensible.

Silk duvets and bedding cover us, encompassing our bodies abolishing single-points of pressure. Traditional duvets and blankets are not designed to sprawl across the body but form a heavy barrier that can accentuate irritation and pain to sensitive joints. Eradicating single-points of pressure can significantly enhance the comfort and quality of sleep.

Dry Skin and Eczema

Luxury and cosy silk bedding

Silk has a fantastic ability to assist our skin with reabsorbing moisture via the natural occurring amino-acids within the silk fabric itself. Absorbing moisture that vanishes throughout the day while asleep will assist with revitalizing the skin during the night-time. This is enormously advantageous to those suffering with both dry skin and eczema.

Silk bedding and bed linen prevents overheating and has the remarkable ability to maintain comforting temperatures in various climates. Silk stays cool when it is tepid and tepid when it’s cool. This is possible because it permits heat from the body to disperse. Traditional polyester, feather, and down duvets work similar to a pressure-cooker. While sleeping, the body’s heat is mirrored back, while the duvet maintains warmth. However, this remains during the night ending with overheating.

Cosy and luxurious silk duvets

Long-fibre Mulberry silk-duvets are produced utilizing a layering grid method that applies layer-upon-layer of silk in a crisscross design. This pattern permits bits of the body’s heat to withdraw through the duvet, sustaining a nice comfortable temperature. A constant even temperature allows additional relaxation and refreshing sleep.

Many satisfied customers of Gingerlily Silk Bedding experience every night what “sleep should feel like.” Silk bedding is a natural choice for a good night’s sleep all year round.

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