Creating your Ultimate Cosy Bedroom

Create a cosy bedroom

For many people the bedroom is simply the place where they go at the end of the day to collapse and sleep; they don’t always spend a lot of waking hours there. But this does not mean that bedroom design can be overlooked.

Our surroundings have a massive influence on our moods and emotions, and in the bedroom this means the décor can impact on how well we sleep. Too much clutter and electronic gadgets blinking away all night do not make for a restful snooze.

So take steps to create a cosy bedroom and you’ll find you want to spend more time there, not only to sleep but also to get some well-deserved relaxing space. Read on for the Time4Sleep top tips on turning your bedroom into a stress-free haven.

Colours and textures

Too many dark colours can be overpowering and make a room seem gloomy, but used in the right way they can also hint at decadence. Use sumptuous deep pinks, purples and reds sparingly in soft furnishings and pictures to add a taste of romanticism. If the room is small, stick with lighter colours. These do not have to be wishy-washy but can invoke feelings of space and airiness.

Textures are key to cosiness. Fabrics such as silk, velvet and suede in your bed linen will positively lull you into bed and to sleep.

The bed

Cosy luxury sleigh bed

The key to a good night’s sleep may be a 10pm bedtime, pyjamas and a cup of tea, according to one survey, but the bed also has a major role. Your chosen bed should look inviting as much as it offers the right level of support.

Sleigh beds, for example those from Time4Sleep, are the ultimate in cosy style and luxury and can work well in all styles of bedroom, from traditional romantic to minimalist modern.

Get crafty

Nothing says cosy like homemade pieces in your bedroom. Even if you think you’re not a crafty person there are many tutorials and templates on the web for even the simplest creations. Try your hand at painting a picture frame or making a cushion cover if you don’t have a lot of creative juice. Those with sewing skills could branch out into new curtains or even a quilt.

Pay Attention to the Details

Luxury cosy bedroom tips

Focusing on the little things is key when making your bedroom a nice and cozy sanctuary. It’s often the smaller, thoughtful touches that add warmth and personality to the space. For instance, choosing the right bedside table can have a big impact. These aren’t just practical pieces for holding a lamp or your nightly reading; they also contribute to the overall ambiance of the room. Whether it’s a classic wooden design or something more modern, the right bedside tables can perfectly complement your bedroom’s cosy feel.

Strike a balance

Too much clutter in your bedroom and it won’t be a relaxing place that aids sleep. But not enough of the things you love and it won’t feel special. Try to find the balance between displaying treasured possessions and maintaining a sense of space.

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