Glitter reindeer Christmas crackers from Idyll Home

This year, we’re a little bit obsessed with glitter for Christmas (although that feeling will probably wear off when we’re still picking it out of the carpet in January!). Glitter reflects candle and fairy light, and adds a little extra sparkle to a dining table or mantelpiece. That’s why we were excited to be asked to look at these glitter reindeer Christmas crackers, £21, by Meri Meri from Idyll Home, as they ticked a number of boxes.

Glitter? Check! Cute reindeer? Check! Suitable for children but still elegant enough for an adults-only meal? Yup! Our reviewer Sara Walker takes a closer look.

Glitter reindeer Christmas crackers from Idyll Home reviewed on Cosy Home Blog

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“The box contains a set of six crackers, three reindeer with red velvet ribbons and three with green. They’re very pretty, and although they’re shaped at one end into a reindeer head I think they’re aimed at adults. Each set of reindeer antlers is decorated with large glitter spangles. I generally go for a traditional red-and-green theme at Christmas, so these fitted in perfectly. I think they’re a good size – big enough not to be insignificant on a crowded table, but not so big that you can’t find anywhere to put them.

Glitter reindeer Christmas crackers are the perfect addition to a festive table

“I was actually quite reluctant to pull the first cracker as it looked so nice, but when I did it went off with a satisfying snap. The gifts are quite nice quality (keyrings and a little photo frame, for example) which I personally prefer to the type of very cheap plastic gifts that get immediately swept into the bin. The hats are nice too – echoing the reindeer antlers and covered in the same glittery spangles. They’ve got a little sticky dot so that you can make them into the right size, which many people will appreciate!

Reindeer themed Christmas party hat from the glitter reindeer Christmas crackers

“I thought the price was towards the top end, but the quality was good and you definitely get what you pay for. An added bonus with these was that once all the crackers had been pulled I was able to make the reindeer heads into pretty gift tags, just by cutting around the neck, punching a hole and threading the velvet ribbon through – direct recycling!

Typical contents found in the set of glitter reindeer Christmas crackers

Image (c) 2019 Idyll Home

“Overall, I really liked these crackers – they’re unusual, decorative and fun.

The glitter reindeer Christmas crackers can be recycled to make Christmas gift tags - clever!

Gift tags!

“These reindeer crackers are one of a range from Idyll Home – you can visit their Christmas shop on their website.”

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