Sistema food storage solutions: product review

With disposable plastic wrapping constantly in the headlines, more of us are looking at longer-term food storage solutions. Decanting leftovers into a single-use plastic bag then throwing it away is something we’re starting to feel uncomfortable with, but food hygiene and safety still has to be a priority. Sara Walker explores some of the food storage solutions available from Sistema.

Although these Sistema food storage boxes are still made of plastic, they’re reusable, can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher and are suitable for freezer, fridge and microwave use. They’re airtight to keep food fresh, and with a little care should last for years.

Sistema Salad to Go box

Sistema food storage solutions for picnics and lunches

The Sistema Salad to Go box is an ‘all in one’ option for transporting salad for lunches or picnics. It features a bowl-type base to contain salad leaves, then a divided tray on top to hold the other ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese or meat. There’s a little central pot for salad dressing, and a knife and fork that clip into the lid. It costs £6.49, and is available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Amazon.

Image: (c) Sistema

Verdict on the Sistema Salad to Go box

I thought this was a great idea. The thing that often puts me off taking salads out for lunch is that when you come to eat it you have a sloppy, soggy mess – and the dressing’s probably leaked out over your paperwork into the bargain.

This neat little box kept everything separate so that the salad could be mixed and the dressing added at the last minute, so that it all stayed fresh and crispy. This would be ideal for healthy school or work lunch boxes, or day trips out.

My only quibble is that the knife and fork provided were a bit teeny and doll-house-like – manageable, but not ideal. Otherwise, this is going to prove useful for the picnic season this summer.

1l Sistema Klip-It boxes

Image: (c) Sistema

Like the Sistema salad box, this set of three 1 litre boxes has clips on the side to make opening and closing them easier. No more prising the lids off the containers, or not shutting them properly so that they don’t seal!

Verdict on the 1l Klip-It Sistema food storage boxes

I liked the fact that this set of three Sistema food storage boxes had lids of different colours, so that you could colour-code them in the freezer according to contents, or perhaps use different colours for different lunches.

The lids were very simple to open and close, and the contents of the box (cake) stayed fresh for three days. (It would probably have stayed fresh for longer, but cake doesn’t get much of a chance round here.) These boxes are a useful size and stack neatly on top of each other in the fridge or freezer. They’re going to get lots of use this summer!

Again, I’ve tried to think of any downsides and genuinely couldn’t – I think these are good value and useful. They cost £8.99 for the set or from £2.49 individually, and are available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Amazon.

All Sistema’s products are made from BPA and phthalate free plastic.

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