How To Add Contemporary Style to Your Home

The contemporary home design is about simplicity and sleek lines. Less is more when this popular decor trend comes out, and despite its popularity growing in recent years, it’s not showing any signs of waning just yet.

Contemporary home design simply means something that is fresh and current. But when translated into aesthetics, it means a modern take on classic home features that fit the modern world.

Adding a contemporary feel to your home can be easy if you know what to do, and these tips can help you get started.


Cosy open plan apartment with well defined zones
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Less is more when you think of contemporary design and style. This means you need to get rid of your clutter and unnecessary items. You want to use decorative objects sparsely. This means using baskets or containers to store things out of sight, using hidden storage, and not filling empty places simply because they’re empty.

Check Your Colour

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Modern designs are often neutral colours, whites, blacks, and greys. You’re going for an understated look that is accentuated by pops of colour, be it a feature wall, patterned wallpaper, soft furnishings and so on. But your furniture, walls and floor all need to be neutral colour ways to allow you to bring this theme to life.

Remember to stick to the 60/30/10 rule when adding colour to a room; 60% of the room should be in your more prominent colour, 30% in your chosen secondary colour, and the remaining 10% is for your accent colour.

Space and Lines

Clean and bright kitchen in a cosy home
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Empty space and clean lines are the hallmarks of this decor style, and you need to use both of these design elements in your contemporary styling. The blank wall is as much a part of the design as the colours you use and the furniture you choose. You want to style your furniture to create clean lines, utilise structural features or imperfections to help accentuate the room and add character without adding items or over-complicating things.

In a kitchen, this can mean choosing German Kitchens to help you create a modern, stylish look that boats quality and minimalism; in your living room, it means opening up the room, making windows a feature, removing excess items such as curtains and replacing with blinds or shutters, keeping walls white or using rugs to create definition in the room.

Update Hardware and Fittings

Never underestimate the power that updating your fixtures and fittings can have on your overall look and finish in a room. Change up handles on cupboards and doors to a modern colour and design. Update light fittings with sleek minimalist designs; use them as part of your decor, not just to light the room. Recessed lighting is popular right now, as is track lighting for walls and spotlights over certain features such as paintings or art on walls.

Creating a more contemporary home means paying attention to the type of furniture you have, how you place it in a room, and the colour and fittings you choose too. All of these small details will enable you to create a modern, minimalist, more contemporary style in your home easily.

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