Baking mad: Essential home baking accessories

Mad about baking? Discover the top 10 essential baking accessories that every home baker needs in their kitchen

Glued to Great British Bake Off? If so, you’re not alone – the show’s been credited with getting us back into the kitchen as a nation. The first series aired in 2010 and attracted only two million viewers, but now an impressive 12.5 million of us watch it every week.

If you haven’t yet succumbed to the temptation to get your pinny out, what are you waiting for? Baking’s very therapeutic, and you can control the recipes for healthier bakes. If  you’re starting from scratch, here’s what you need to equip your kitchen!

1. Baking essentials set, Garden Trading

Baking essentials st, £42.50

A set of three essentials to help you turn out the perfect cupcake. The Louella Measuring Cup is made of thick glass and measures one cup exactly – great for American recipes. Keep eggs safely in the egg run, which helps you store in date order. Finally, the glass jug and juicer is useful for all sorts of things from measuring to squeezing. £42.50 for the set, available from Garden Trading.

2. Ceramic mixing bowls set, Rice DK

Mixing bowl set, £47.50

A colourful nest of ceramic mixing bowls in yellow, blue, coral, and soft jade, there’s a size for every need from Monday mornings scrambled eggs to rainy day Sundays baking cakes. Each bowl has a handy lip to help pour out batters and liquids. £47.50, available from Sisters Guild.

3. Typhoon vintage kitchen scales, Red Candy

Kitchen scales, £29.95

We love these 1950s retro red designer weighing scales, complete with glossy red enamel coated steel with silver accents and silver bowl. It displays weight in both kg/g and lbs/oz, and costs £29.95 (was £34) from Red Candy.

4. Jane Asher wooden spoons three pack, Poundland

Wooden spoons set, £1

Getting the right kit doesn’t have to cost a fortune! This set of three traditional wooden spoons is great for scooping or stirring foods whilst cooking or baking – the different heights allow you to vary the size of bowl. £1, available from Poundland.

5. Set of five cookie cutters, Zeal

Set of cookie cutters, £2.85

This set of five cutters will produce perfect biscuits and cookies as well as marzipan and fondant icing. It comes in five different colours of different sizes, complete with a storage box. They’re dishwasher safe, as well! Was £3 now £2.85, available from Amaroni.

6. Set of three cake tins, Sophie Allport

Set of three cake tins, £35

After all that hard work, you’ll need somewhere to store the results of your labours. We love these sturdy, airtight tins with a pretty chicken and egg design. St of three tins, £35, available from Sophie Allport.

7. Roost oven gloves, Cottage in the Hills

Double oven gloves, £15

Sturdy oven gloves are a must if you’re baking, and these organic cotton double oven gloves are both stylish and practical. They have a handy loop in the middle of the glove so you can hang them up, ready for grabbing when you need them. £15, available from Cottage in the Hills.

8. Klippan shorebirds blue apron, Cloudberry Living

Kitchen apron, £24

From an original Swedish design, this apron features fresh, cheerful birds highlighted with greys, blues and shades of yellow for a burst of sunshine. It’ll help make baking even more enjoyable – and keep you from getting splattered into the bargain. £24, available from Cloudberry Living.

9. Ceramic lace two tier cake stand, live laugh love

Ceramic cake stand, £9.95

Show off your creations in style with this two tier vintage style cake stand with lovely fret work detail. Flat packs for easy storage, and at just £9.95 from live laugh love it won’t break the bank.

10. Candy stripe baking cups, Candle and Cake

Paper baking cases, £2.49

These pretty, scalloped edge baking cups are perfect for use as baking cups, treat pots, jelly pots, ice cream bowls, fruit cups, whatever you like. You can put the cake mixture straight into them and stand them on a baking tray, so there’s no need for a muffin tin. £2.49 for 12, available from Candle and Cake.


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