Pastel kitchen: Vintage style enamelware

Soft pastel kitchen enamelware

Add a touch of vintage and traditional charm to your kitchen, with enamelware kitchen accessories.

All of these enamel beauties from Lytton and Lily are available in delicate pastel shades of pink, blue and green.

The classic enamel kettle will work on any type of hob and will whistle when the water is boiled and ready.

Get equipped with a pastel set of three stacking saucepans. Described as milk pots, the three sizes will be useful for far more than boiling milk. They’re hard wearing with a solid steel base and are too nice to hide in a cupboard! Instead, you’ll want to leave these out on a kitchen shelf.

Or opt for the set of three saucepans, in 0.5, 0.75 and 1 litre sizes. With their slightly different colours – green, turquoise blue and purple – these will complement the other enamelware pieces nicely.

Jugs are useful for any kitchen, whether it’s for measuring liquid ingredients, serving drinks or using as a milk jug. The enamel jugs are available in three colour coded sizes – 0.5 litre (blue), 0.75 litre (green) and 1 litre (pink).

All items are the perfect accompaniment to a cosy pastel kitchen.

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