BlissHome Nigella Lawson melamine mixing bowls

Nigella Lawson kitchen cooking bowls

Mixing bowls are on my mind at the moment, as I need to get making my Christmas cake this week – have you made yours yet? The flour section of the baking aisle in Sainsbury’s was looking decidedly depleted at the weekend, so I suspect Christmas cake baking may have been the cause for the rush on flour!

The large bowl I tend to use for mixing up my Christmas cake is big and heavy, so I really like the look of these Nigella Lawson mixing bowls which are made of melamine and are no doubt lighter. I love the fluid shape of them too.

The largest bowl is 32cm by 26cm by 11cm, so a decent size – there are four bowls in total and they graduate down in size to 15x12x6cm for the smallest bowl.

With the four different sizes, you’ll be well equipped for all your baking needs. The BlissHome Nigella Lawson living kitchen melamine mixing bowls are £41.40 from Amazon.

As well as the classic cream colour, they’re also available in blue (£46.84), black (£38.68), red (£38.68) or a colourful mix of red, green and white (£41.40).

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