Taking The Home Out of the Home Office

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It’s great being able to work from home – you take out the stressful daily commute, can have a leisurely breakfast and can be at your desk within minutes of being out of bed. You have a sense of freedom that you don’t get from working in an office and you can enjoy all the comforts of home to help you along with your working day.

But as well as the advantages, there are also downsides to working at home. These include the distractions of kids who aren’t yet at school, the temptation of getting that chore out of the way before you start work and of course it’s harder to actually get out of bed in the morning when you only have yourself to report into.

So how can you achieve that perfect balance of the home office that’s just a tad less, well homely?

Creating an office space

The first and foremost important element is that you dedicate an area, preferably a room with a door and a lock to use as your office.

You need to create a space that replicates a working environment so you’re not tempted to just sit back and relax.

Do research online for the latest home study furniture designs to help you create the perfect office space.

The five second commute

If you have the space and budget it’s great to covert an outhouse or use an area of land to build an office that’s separate to your main household.

It may only be a minute walk from door to door but having an office separate to your home can provide all the benefits of distance and convenience whilst keeping you and your mind far enough away from home to keep you productive.

If you don’t have the means to create an office independent of your home then using or converting your loft space is a great option. It buffers sound and can feel like a separate entity.

Setting the rules

Just as there would be a set of rules and regulations or rather protocols to follow in an official office environment set some for yourself and others to follow in your home office.

Things like setting times during the day when you can’t be disturbed and actually giving yourself an hour off for a decent lunch break can help.

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