Toast patchwork quilt

Multicoloured patchwork quilt

Multicoloured patchwork quilt

One of the trends currently making a comeback in homes and interiors is patchwork. You can’t get more traditional than a patchwork quilt and this cosy multicoloured quilt is a great example.

The quilt is made up for square pieces of multicoloured patchwork in a variety of fabrics, including flannels, cottons, tickings and prints. If you were using this on a bed, or to wrap yourself up in on the sofa on a cold day, the quilt would provide a decent amount of warmth, as it’s a medium to heavy weight.

The back of the quilt is lined with cotton flannel fabric in a striped design (blue on ecru) and it’s filled with cotton wadding.  It measures 265cm by 265cm.

You can find the patchwork quilt on sale at Toast for £295.

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