Plumo large patchwork pumpkin pouf

Vintage fabric pouf

Vintage fabric pouf

Plumo have just launched their new Spring/Summer 2010 collection and we’ve fallen in love with this large patchwork pumpkin pouf.

Made in Denmark from a random selection of vintage velvet, floral and striped fabrics, the large pumpkin shaped pouf is ideal for use as an occasional seat, footstool or floor cushion.

The eclectic piece measures 70cm by 30cm and serves a practical purpose, as well as being great to look at. You can’t guarantee exactly which fabrics will have been used in each one, but that just adds to its charm.

The only slight downside is the price (£198, eek), so it looks like we’ll be saving up for a while. Go check it out for yourself at Plumo.

Sept 2012 update: Culture Vulture are now selling a very similar pouf. It’s made from vintage Indian fabrics and sewn together in the same lovely pumpkin style. This one is priced at £115.

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